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Yamamoto Sound Craft GS-8 Butyl rubber spacer with double-sided tape

Product code: gs-8

Yamamoto Sound Craft GS-8 Butyl rubber spacer with double-sided tape

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For non-slip damping of audio equipment

Butyl rubber spacer to skillfully suppress excess components

GS-8 is an anti-vibration and anti-slip butyl rubber spacer that can be used in a variety of applications. It is 20 mm in diameter and 1 mm thick with double-sided tape on the back. It can be attached to amplifiers, speakers, CD players, etc. for anti-vibration use. Butyl rubber is one of the most vibration-absorbent materials among rubbers. Therefore, it can be used for anti-vibration in combination with various audio products. Of course, it can also be used to prevent slipping and scratching.

With a thickness of only 1mm, butylgum is not bulky and can be used anywhere. It can be used to prevent metal products from squeaking and to soften sharp resonance noises that are easily audible to the ear. Recommended places for use are the surface where speakers are installed, the top panel of amplifiers, and the rear panel area. We recommend that you check the sound and make adjustments as you use too much or too little.
Dimensions Diameter 20mm
Thickness 1mm
When I removed the metal insulator that I use regularly and replaced it with this one, the somewhat buoyant sound calmed down at once, and the tone became moist and smooth, reminiscent of the luster of velvet. The sound field's S/N ratio has been improved, and the expression of a sense of quietness is also good. This can be considered to be an expression of quite high quality. It can be said that this is a type of insulator that skillfully suppresses excess sound, and refines and brings out the musical sound.
*audio accessories magazine