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Bakoon Products EQA-5630mk3 Phono Amplifier

Product code: EQA-5630UL-1

Bakoon Products EQA-5630mk3 Phono Amplifier

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Unparalleled low noise, high resolution, and volume of information!

Captures the information of analog records with unlimited resolution at the highest possible accuracy.


This product was developed to reproduce analog signals with infinite gradation, which is a characteristic of analog records, with the highest precision. To achieve this, the SATRI equalizer, which converts changes in the frequency response of the RIAA equalizer into changes in gain, was adopted. This allows distortion-free reproduction without signal clipping by the RIAA equalizer, and if an MC cartridge is used, the characteristics of the current-input SATRI circuit can be maximized. The SATRI-LINK output, which connects to the SATRI power amplifier, uses a dedicated SATRI-IC for output. The SATRI-LINK output connecting to the SATRI power amplifier uses a dedicated SATRI-IC to set the output impedance to several tens of megohms, making it equivalently isolated from the power amplifier. This eliminated the generation of noise due to common impedance and induction. Noise generated by switch operation is controlled by the CPU, and noise caused by operation has been successfully reduced to the absolute minimum. The SATRI circuit, which does not apply negative feedback, reproduces all of the musical information, enabling the user to obtain a deeper emotional response from the music.
The gain of the EQA-5630mk3 has the same frequency response as the RIAA curve, so there is no clipping. It has two inputs to accommodate two players or two tone arms. The MC cartridge input is a current input, which allows a cartridge with low voltage but high output current to produce a large output, resulting in a large signal-to-noise ratio of -130 dB or higher, depending on the cartridge. In addition, since electromagnetic braking is applied to the coil of the MC cartridge, needle wailing is eliminated and information loss is prevented. The gain can be switched between 0dB, -10dB, and -20dB. The output is equipped with an ultra-low distortion voltage output buffer and a SATRI-IC dedicated for current output, which can be connected to a power amplifier or preamplifier via SATRI-LINK to obtain high-precision music information with no missing information. Operations are controlled by the CPU, and the CPU automatically mutes and controls operations that may generate noise, such as input switching and gain switching, so that no noise is generated. For operations that may generate loud noise, such as changing cartridges, a manual muting switch can be used to avoid noise generation.

Unparalleled low noise, high resolution, and information content!

The gain changes in the same way as the RIAA equalizer curve, resulting in extremely high signal-to-noise ratio and noise- and distortion-free playback. The SATRI-Link connection provides incredibly low noise reproduction. Also, there is no loop noise in the power amplifier connection.
Because of the non-return SATRI circuit, all the musical information contained in the cartridge is reproduced without any loss, allowing the user to obtain deeper impressions from the music.
The amount of information is incomparably greater than that of other products.
The board is miniaturized and, despite having a large transformer in the same cabinet, noise is minimal due to the distance from the board. The CPU input selector can also be used to switch to a buffered MM input circuit, a convenient feature.

Conventional equalizer amplifiers with negative feedback have problems with distortion and transient characteristics due to excessive input, while CR amplifiers have noise problems.

The EQA-5620 differs from both of these types of amplifiers in that the amplification of the amplifier itself has the same frequency response as the RIAA curve used to reproduce analog records with a non-refeedback circuit.

Therefore, the EQA-5620 has neither the distortion caused by excessive input nor the transient characteristic problems of negative feedback systems, and the gain is reduced in the high frequency range where noise can be a problem, enabling noise-free playback.

In particular, with moving coil cartridges, the output current, not the output voltage, is used as the input, so that recent MC cartridges with powerful magnets can achieve low noise, which could not be achieved with conventional equalizers.

In addition, the output circuit has a current output SATRI-LINK using a dedicated SATRI-IC in addition to the conventional voltage output. The output impedance is therefore several tens of milliohms, and since it is isolated from the preamplifier and power amplifier to which it is connected, it does not pick up inductive noise even if the cable is long, enabling analog record playback of a different dimension.

Floating constant-current power supply in the power supply unit

EQA-5630mk3 with floating constant-current power supply POW-8101. The combination of the floating constant-current power supply POW-8101 and an even lower noise ultra-high-precision shunt regulator achieves overwhelmingly low noise and high-precision signal output.

The floating constant-current power supply of the power supply unit has an output impedance of several MΩ, and the amplifier body and power supply unit are equivalently insulated, eliminating the possibility of picking up induction and other noises, thus enabling even higher-precision sound reproduction.
Input Stereo RCA jacks for Phono1 and Phono2
Outputs Voltage output 1, SATRI-LINK output 1 (can be used simultaneously)
Gain 0dB, -10dB, -20dB switchable
Mute Mute is activated by pressing the Mute button. Press again to unmute, power off to mute
CPU Control Automatic mute at input switching and gain switching
*Bakun Products will gradually change its logo and name to SCL (SATRI Circuit Laboratory). Please note that the logo and name will be changed to SCL (SATRI Circuit Laboratory) in due course.


EX is for dynamic, crisp, and contrasting sounds such as Jazz and Rock, while UL is for delicate and smooth sounds such as Classical. You can choose according to your preference.