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BAKOON PRODUCTS EQA-5620MK3 phono amplifier

Product code: EQA-5620-1

BAKOON PRODUCTS EQA-5620MK3 phono amplifier

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Overwhelming low noise, high resolution and information!

Infinite resolution information is taken to maximize high -precision information


The gain of EQA-5620MK3 has a frequency characteristic according to the RIAA curve. Therefore, there is no clip. The input has two inputs so that two players or two tone arms can be used. Each can use MC cartridge and MM cartridge. In the MC cartridge input, a current input can be input, and even if the voltage is low, a large output can be obtained in a cartridge with large output current, so depending on the cartridge, it is possible to obtain a large S/N ratio of -130dB or more. In addition, since electromagnetic braking is applied to the coil of the MC cartridge, the needle crying is eliminated and the information can be prevented. The gain can be switched between 0db, -10db, and -20db.

The output is equipped with an ultra-low-distortion voltage output buffer and a SATRI-IC dedicated to current output, and by connecting it with a power amplifier or a preamplifier with a preamplifier, obtaining high-precision music information without information. I can do it. The output impedance is several 10m ohms, and the connection between the connected preamplifier and the power amplifier is insulated, so even if the cable is extended for a long time, the induction noise will not be picked up, so different dimensional analog records. The regeneration of is possible. The operation is controlled by the CPU, and even in operations that make noise such as switching input or gain switching, CPUs that automatically enter and do not make noise are controlled. For operations that may cause large noise, such as replacing the cartridge, you can avoid the occurrence of noise using a manual muting switch.
It is a convenient function to be able to switch to an MM input circuit with a buffer with a CPU input selector.

Overwhelming low noise, high resolution and information!

As the gain changes in the same way as the RIAA equalizer curve, it is very good and has no noise or distortion. Since the current output due to the SATRI-LINK connection is large, the MC cartridge, which had a low voltage and had to use a pressure-raising transformer or head amplifier, is played with incredible low noise. There is no loop noise for power amplifier connection.
Because it is a non -returned SATRI circuit, it is possible to regenerate the music information in the cartridge without any excess, and obtain deeper excitement from music.
The amount of information is incomparable to other products.
Despite the smaller the substrate and a large transformer in the same cabinet, the distance from the board is small and the noise is extremely small. In addition, because of the characteristic of current amplification, an ideal amplification is made for MC cartridges, and the sound is faithfully reproduced without any makeup.
input Phone1, Phone2 stereo RCA jack
output Voltage output 1, SATRI-LINK output 1 (can be used simultaneously)
gain 0db, -10db, -20db can be switched
mute Press the mute button to mute. Press again to release, and turn off with power.
CPU control Automatic mute when input switching or gain switching

*Bacoon Products change the logo and name to SCL (SATRI CIRCUIT LABORATORY). please note that.


EX is dynamic, such as Jazz and ROCK, with sharp and contrast sounds, and UL is a delicate and smooth sound. You can choose with your favorite.

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