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Eau Rouge CFRP Vibration Control Board SG-TOP

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Eau Rouge CFRP Vibration Control Board SG-TOP

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CFRP material ideal for audio

Oval shaped insulator


There are many cases of audio equipment being upgraded to CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic) materials, such as top panels, side panels, or chassis made of CFRP.
These materials are used for their electromagnetic shielding and vibration characteristics that are superior to those of aluminum. Is it possible to achieve the same effect more easily and simply? The result is the "Vibration Control Board SG-TOP".
Eau Rouge has further developed the excellent CFRP material and adopted a selective carbon fiber and molding method that has evolved to obtain a more organic sound quality. In addition, Neofade Film 4140, a new vibration control material not used in the past, is used in a hybrid structure.
Neofade is a new vibration-damping material developed by Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, and when used in combination with CFRP, it has the effect of lowering resonance peaks and exhibiting less habitual response characteristics.

Thick resin-based vibration-damping materials often rob the sound of its resonance, killing the sound and making music boring, but Eau Rouge contains only one layer of Neofade, an ultra-thin film 0.125 mm thick.Eau Rouge has created a board that eliminates such harmful effects by blending only one layer of Neofade, an ultra-thin film 0.125mm thick, to remove unwanted vibrations without losing the delicious parts of the music.
SG-TOP is cut out to an optimal size of 120 x 120 mm to be placed on the top panel of equipment to control vibration and block electromagnetic waves.
Installation is as simple as placing it on the top board of the equipment.


Dimensions 120(W)×2(H)×120(D)mm