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Eau Rouge CFRP Laminated Structure Insulator SG-OVAL

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Eau Rouge CFRP Laminated Structure Insulator SG-OVAL

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CFRP material ideal for audio

Oval shaped insulator


SG-OVAL is an egg-shaped oval insulator. The development of this product was triggered by the very good result of using the outlet cover SG-CC as an insulator.
The material used is CFRP, which Eau Rouge has derived from its many years of experience and is ideal for audio.
The material uses a unique layering pattern and molding method that hybridizes three different types of carbon fiber and resin, including a high modulus carbon fiber that boasts more than three times the rigidity of general-purpose materials called "dry carbon," with greatly different thicknesses and compositions.

We hope you will use this product as a new standard in audio insulators.