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Eau Rouge
CFRP Plagcover ER-PC5

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Eau Rouge CFRP Plagcover ER-PC5

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Excellence as a material with high vibration control capability and high strength

Stops plug squealing, high S/N, and plenty of volume in all frequency bands

It is a tubular shape with an inner diameter of 38 mm, mainly compatible with Marinco plugs, which are quite widely used among power supply plugs. (Larger size plugs from other manufacturers can be produced by special order.)

ER-PC5 is made of high-modulus carbon fiber, which is 3.3 times stronger than general CFRP material in the longitudinal direction, and medium-strength carbon fiber in the circumferential direction to achieve the highest strength that practically cannot be obtained any more. 
As the strength increases, the vibration attenuation speed also increases proportionally, thus enhancing the performance as an insulator. Simply touching this material has a great vibration-damping effect! And the blocking characteristics of electromagnetic waves peculiar to carbon fiber are also shut out by the extra-thick 3mm wall thickness.
Many power cables are shielded, coated, or meshed to reduce noise, but the plug part is still exposed to noise.
By installing ER-PC5, you will be able to stop the noise of the plug, and experience high S/N and full volume in all frequency bands, an evolution that fulfills the demands of audiophiles who originally wanted their cables to play this way.
When used in video systems, especially with large screens such as projectors, you will be amazed at the reduction of noise, the increase in black gradation, and the depth of the blacks, as well as the evolution from SDR to HDR.
Size The outside diameter 44 × the inner diameter 38 x length is 50mm long.