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Linlai (Hayashi) E-845 2 piece

Product code: e-845

YARLAND Japan Linlai (Hayashi) E-845 2 piece

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Several 845 tubes with the highest level of playback sound and sound quality

Sound vividness, high frequency, low-range growth, tension, magnificence, magnificence, and detailed reproducibility, etc. E-845 is the highest sound quality, high levels of high levels, even in 845 tubes.

Molybdenum alloy carburizing screen (commonly known as metal screen) of new material is used, and full conclusion is adopted without the connection process of weld joints, and has very high heat dissipation and thermal stability. This special material metal screen E-series power tube performance and quality exceeds traditional graphite screen products, and the release ability of filaments is strong and no pollution. The sound field is also magnificent, and the glass shell outer diameter size is increased to reproduce the sense of reality. The measurement results with the German electron tube test scanner with the major specifications of E-845 are high voltage 1050V, screen current 100 mA, and no distortion output at 25W, SN ratio at 96 dB, SN ratio of 96 dB, and 96 dB of Sn.

Elite tube E series is developed and produced by Lynly based on high quality, high quality and high quality spirit.
It is highly permeable and realistic in Euphonia. Brightness is moderate and no dullness occurs. The texture of the violin is perfect, there is a sense of transparency, no slight burrs, and the richness of the unfortunate, and after-tone is moderate, and soothing, and the rich taste of pine is clearly expressed, and the rich flavor of pine It sounds well. The triangle drawn by the bell touch creates a sunny atmosphere and a sense of reality.
The vocal line is fulfilling, cheerful like steel, rich in harmonics, changes in tone of singer and intonation of emotions, and vibrant, extremely infectiousness, vulgarity, slightly transparent And I have attractive positive energy.
It is based.
The output is only 18 watts of power, but it is thick, powerful, but pressed 10 frequency speakers of my 88 dB, and the tube should also be a reason for the moderate damping factor. The sense of rhythm is strong, clean, moderate strength cello and bus drum resonance performance, and the volume is sufficient, and the sound of a dynamic large orchestra is shocked shocking!
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