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LINLAI E-845, pair of 2

Product code: e-845

LINLAI E-845, pair of 2

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One of the few 845 tubes with the highest level of reproduction and sound quality

E-845 is one of the few 845 tubes with the best sound quality and the highest level of reproduction among all 845 tubes in terms of sound vividness, high and low frequency extension, sound field tension and grandeur, and detail reproduction.

It is made of a new material, molybdenum-based alloy carburizing screen (commonly known as metal screen), and has extremely high heat dissipation and thermal stability by adopting a complete fastening process with no welded joint connection process. The performance and quality of this special material metal screen E series power tube exceed those of conventional graphite screen products, and the filament emission capacity is strong and pollution-free. The sound field is also spectacular, and the glass shell outer diameter size has been increased to reproduce a sense of presence. The main specifications of the E-845 were measured with a German-made electron tube test scanner: high voltage 1050V, screen current 100mA, 25W distortion-free output at 100W screen power consumption, SN ratio 96db, and vacuum tube white noise 0.01mv.

The Elite Tube E Series is developed and produced by LinLai in the spirit of high quality, high integrity, and high sound quality.
Good penetration, euphonious and realistic. Brightness is moderate and no dullness occurs. The texture of the violin is snug, transparent, without the slightest burr, agile and smooth, rich in overtones and moderate in aftertone, flowing, and beautifully expressive of the rich flavor of the pine, crisp and heartfelt. Triangles drawn with a touch of bells create an ethereal atmosphere and sense of realism.
Vocal lines are full, steel-like and joyful, rich in overtones, revealing the singer's tonal shifts and emotional intonation, natural and moving, extremely infectious, chirpy, slightly transparent, with an appealing positive energy.
The output is only 18 watts of power, but should be thick and powerful, but for the reason of the moderate attenuation factor, which pushed my 88 db ten 10-frequency speakers and tubes very well too. Rhythmic, clean and moderately strong cello and bass drum resonant playing is very good and loud enough to create a shockingly dynamic large orchestral scene!
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