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Linlai (Hayashi) E-300B 2 piece

Product code: e-300b

YARLAND Japan Linlai (Hayashi) E-300B 2 piece

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You can reproduce the essence of the original WE300B

300B can be called "Hundred Flower Rebellion" by brands around the world, but Lin Rye's E-300B is a few brands that can reproduce the nature of the original WE300B.

Carburized permalloys are used, high purity and eliminating electron emissions and long life. Glass shell isolation, effectively avoid vibration noise, and is very stable by 4 cores that enhanced tube core support.

Compared to the original Western Electric 300b and 274b in the original Western Electric, although there are some gaps in the rhythm and the emergency, the analysis power and the sense of rhythm are far away from the E300B E-274B be. He made a new one in the art scene.

Elite tube E series is developed and produced by Lynly based on high quality, high quality and high quality spirit.
The E300B is a wide sound field, beautiful sound, flowing sound, a sound of the afterglow, and a good sound. The placement of women vocals is very beautiful. A rich and slightly pretty middle high region gives a "transcendental" impression. Fold, rich, fine and loose bass, fast, accurate, excellent analytical power, clear contour, quite texture density, accurate focus. Violin has a sense of transparency, with a smooth and moist tone, and it is very good with a clear tone with a string and piano. The sound of "Lynly" is not only good sound but also a wonderful sound.
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