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LINLAI E-300B, pair of 2

Product code: e-300b

LINLAI E-300B, pair of 2

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The essence of the original WE300B can be reproduced

High quality, high grade, high sound quality


300B can be called "a hundred flowers" by brands all over the world, but Rinnai's E-300B is one of the few brands that can reproduce the essence of the original WE300B.

The E-300B is made of carburized Permalloy, which is highly pure and has excellent electron emission capability and long life. The glass shell separation, effectively avoiding vibration noise, is very stable due to the 4-core reinforced tube core support.

Compared to the original Western Electric 300B and 274B of 30 years ago, the E300B E-274B has a slight gap in rhythm and emotion, but its analytical power and rhythmic feel are far superior to the other replicas. They have added a new dimension to the art scene.

The Elite Tube E Series is developed and produced by Lin-Lai in the spirit of high quality, high integrity, and high sound quality.

The E300B has a wide soundstage, beautiful, flowing, lingering, and well-balanced sound. Female vocal placement is outstandingly beautiful. The rich and somewhat dainty mids and highs give a "transcendent" impression. The bass, which is thick, rich, fine-grained, and loose, is fast and precise, with excellent analysis, clear contours, considerable textural density, and precise focus. The violins are clear, smooth, and moist, and the strings and piano are very good with a full, clear tone. "Lin Lai" sounds not only good, but also great.
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