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LINLAI E-2A3, pair of 2

Product code: e-2a3

LINLAI E-2A3, pair of 2

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Century-old design concept based on meticulous design and careful preparation

High quality, high grade, and high sound quality


Carburized Permalloy with high purity, strong electron emission ability, and long life is used. The tube shape is an antique "eggplant" type, and the core is suspended from a glass case to prevent vibration noise.

The Elite Tube E Series is developed and produced by Linley in the spirit of high quality, high integrity, and high sound quality.

The E-2A3 has a wide soundstage, beautiful, flowing, lingering, and well-balanced sound. The placement of female vocals is outstandingly beautiful. The rich and somewhat dainty mids and highs give a "transcendent" impression. The bass, which is thick, rich, fine-grained, and loose, is fast and precise, with excellent analysis, clear contours, considerable textural density, and precise focus. The violins are clear, smooth, and moist, and the strings and piano are very good with a full, clear tone. "Lingra" not only sounds good, it sounds great.
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