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Yamamoto Sound Craft Small Speaker Stand DKS-UPD3S Set

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Yamamoto Sound Craft Small Speaker Stand DKS-UPD3S Set

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Draws out 100% of the speaker performance even on a desk

Solid cherry wood and ebony base produce superb sound


This is used for small speakers in combination with DKS-UPD3S (160Wx210D), the smallest board in the DKS series. This is intended to be placed on a desk. It is recommended to place it on a desk in a study so that the speakers are just at ear height. The distance to the speakers is assumed to be about 1 meter. Even with ultra-compact speakers, good sound cannot be obtained by placing them directly on a desk. Clear sound can be obtained by slightly lifting the speaker with the stand and supporting it at three points. To prevent the speaker from tipping over, double-sided tape can be attached to the pins.
The material used for this product is asada-zakura, an excellent wood that is a member of the Japanese cherry tree family that grows wild in Hokkaido. It is a hard, dense, and beautiful material with a specific gravity of approximately 0.73. It is used for speaker cabinets and wood horns as the most beautiful sounding material. The support columns are made of 10cm solid square wood, and the upper and lower boards are made of 32mm-thick laminated wood. This allows for beautiful resonance and lively reproduction of music. The upper and lower boards are braced and fixed to the posts with four bolts, so there is no rattling at all.

It is a convenient solution for near-field use of small, high-performance loudspeakers.

Even though the stand is small, it is as strong as larger stands. Of course, the stand is made of hard, beautiful-sounding solid asada cherry wood, which brings out the best performance from the speakers. The PB-9 ebony pinpoint base is placed on the upper and lower sides of the stand to provide a three-point support for both the upper and lower sides. If you are using the speakers on a desk, we highly recommend installing them on the desk.

Size Upper and Lower Plates 160(W)x210(D)x32(thickness)mm
Size Pillar 100x100x64(H)mm