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Fidelix DEGAUSS Cartridge Demagnetizer

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Fidelix DEGAUSS Cartridge Demagnetizer

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Revive the ability of the cartridge


The DEGAUSS cartridge demagnetizer is designed for iron-core MC cartridges, MM cartridges, and MC step-up transformers. By demagnetizing them, the full potential of these cartridges is demonstrated.
The AUSS can be used with a cartridge alone or attached to a headshell by using the clip. To use, turn on the power, check that the pilot lamp is lit, and then turn down the volume and connect the corresponding item to the RCA terminals. Turn the volume to maximum and then turn it down. One second to turn it up, one second to turn it down, and one time for a total of about 2 seconds is sufficient. It is a good rule of thumb to do this about once every six months.

Do not use this method for empty-core MCs, as there is no point in using it. For MM and MI models with exchangeable needles, be sure to remove the needles before use. MC transformers should be connected to the primary side, with the secondary side completely open. Any 006P type battery can be used, and the battery should be replaced when the power indicator becomes dark. Normally, a manganese type battery is sufficient.

IC clips in 4 colors are standard accessories, and XLR clips are optional, 2 each of male and female, for 2,500 yen (excluding tax).

The effect of the DEGAUSS I purchased the other day was beyond my expectations. The DEGAUSS is much more effective than the short-circuit, and the tininess is much less than with the short-circuit. I also tried demagnetizing the MC step-up transformer I have, and it seemed to increase the resolution of the micro level to about 70% of that of the LIRICO, which was also a wonderful effect. However, using LIRICO, I realized that there is such a thing as "the sound of a transformer. I really appreciate LIRICO for its straight, well-balanced and noise-free amplification.