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Fidelix DEGAUSS Light Cartridge Demagnetizer

Product code: degauss

Fidelix DEGAUSS Light Cartridge Demagnetizer

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Revive the ability of the cartridge

Rotation check is also available with stroboscope light


The DEGAUSS cartridge demagnetizer is designed for iron-core MC cartridges, MM cartridges, and MC step-up transformers. By demagnetizing them, the full potential of these cartridges is demonstrated.
The clip can be used to demagnetize the cartridge by itself or attached to a headshell. To demagnetize a cartridge, attach it to the tone arm, unplug its output cord from the amplifier, and plug it into the DEGAUSS Light. Turn up the volume for about 1 second and turn it down for about 2 seconds. The recommended frequency is about once every six months.

Do not use it for blank-core MCs, as there is no point in using it. For MM and MI types with replaceable needles, be sure to remove the needles before use. for MC transformers, disconnect the output from the amplifier, connect this unit to the input, and turn up the volume and turn down the volume. For balanced input, use an RCA male to XLR male conversion cord.DEGAUSS Light will be a 100 VAC (50/60 Hz) transformer type, with 100/120 Hz flashing, the same as an incandescent bulb or old fluorescent light, and can be checked for rotation with a stroboscope.

The effect of the DEGAUSS I recently purchased was more than I expected, and compared to the short-circuit, it dramatically reduced the clutter. The DEGAUSS is much more effective than the short-circuit, and the short-circuit returns to the original state in a short period of time, but this has not happened at all so far, which is very helpful. I also tried demagnetizing the MC step-up transformer I have, and it seemed to increase the resolution of the micro level to about 70% of LIRICO's, which is also a great effect. However, using LIRICO, I realized that there is such a thing as "the sound of a transformer. I really appreciate LIRICO for its straight, well-balanced and noise-free amplification.