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Bakoon Products DAC-9730D D/A Converter

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Bakoon Products DAC-9730D D/A Converter

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You can also enjoy the perfect full-balance system

Supports high bit and high sampling up to 192kHz/24bit


The DAC-9730D newly supports high-bit and high-sampling up to 192kHz/24bit. You can enjoy digital audio recorded in high definition as it is. Of course, it is also equipped with SATRI-LINK output, so by combining it with our amplifier with SATRI-LINK input, you can obtain pure sound with almost no degradation. The world of PC audio, where music can be enjoyed on a PC, is evolving rapidly as PCs become more sophisticated, and the DAC-9730D is equipped with a USB input, allowing music stored on a PC to be enjoyed without modification.

The DAC-9730D is also equipped with a balanced output, which provides a combination of SATRI-IC and balanced connection for deeper and thicker sound.
The outputs include one general "voltage" unbalanced output and one "current" output that can be connected to the company's amplifiers with SATRI-IC circuitry. The 9730D supports balanced terminals and is a perfect fully balanced system with the entire output circuit installed, not simply a transformer or inverting circuit. The sound is soft, delicate, and clear. Even when connected to an ordinary amplifier that does not use a Satori circuit, this trend remains the same. Furthermore, the background is very quiet, and even the smallest sound reproduces "presence" beautifully.
Output Differential output(XLR)x1, Voltage output(RCA-)x1(RCA+)x1, SATRI-LINK(BNC-)x1,(BNC+)x1 Stereo balanced output(XLR) x1 Stereo voltage output (RCA): forward x1, reverse x1 Stereo SATRI-LINK output (BNC): 1 positive-phase x1 reverse-phase x1
Inputs USB x1, SPDIF COAXIAL Digital x1, SPDIF OPTICAL x1 USB x1 / SPDIF coaxial digital (RCA) x1 / SPDIF optical digital (rectangular connector) x1
Gain Control Digital volume
Supported Input Formats USB audio, SPDIF Sampling Frequency: 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz, 176.4kHz, 192kHz Bit depth: 16bit, 24bit
Bit depth: 16bit, 24bit 349(W)x94(H)x397(D)mm
*Bakun Products will gradually change its logo and name to SCL (SATRI Circuit Laboratory). Please note that the logo and name will be changed to SCL (SATRI Circuit Laboratory) in due course.
The 9730D is equipped with a circuit or transformer to convert unbalanced outputs to balanced outputs, as well as a couple more output circuits for a fully balanced approach. In this case, an additional pair of Satri-link or unbalanced outputs can be added to provide separate hot (+) and cold (-) signals; ideally, a Bakoon amplifier would be connected via Satri Link, but how would the 9730 sound when connected to a regular amplifier? We focused on how the 9730 would sound when connected to a normal amplifier. The sound is soft, delicate, and clear. Furthermore, the background is very quiet, so even small tonalities are reproduced beautifully. Female vocals are therefore more moist, more appealing, and more whispered. The ensemble is not lumped together, but delicately spread out. The "shot" tonal range in the mid and high frequencies is also very flexible and natural, with no irritating irritation to the ear at all. This is completely different from the artificial feeling of dynamic "artificiality" that has become the fashion these days, with excessive emphasis on resolution and gain. It is a natural sound that makes you feel that the designer is an analog maniac. In our mannered audio market, we must be fortunate to have manufacturers who are so immersed in developing fundamentally original products like this.
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