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Jasmine Jasmine Audio TT-D200MK2 Belt Drive Turntable

Product code: d200mk3

Jasmine Jasmine Audio TT-D200MK2 Belt Drive Turntable

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Magnetic floating bearing

Powerful magnetic floating bearings with neodymium magnets levitate the 8 kg platter with six built-in stainless steel cylinders, preventing vibration and ensuring stable and smooth rotation.

Sandwich construction

The base is made of a sandwich structure of two acrylic or walnut plates sandwiched between a single aluminum alloy plate for toughness and stability with no shake during rotation.

External Motor

The drive unit uses a high-torque brushless DC motor to drive the turntable with a 1000 mm flat belt.

Double arm support

Compatible with tone arms with 213 to 308 mm axes, with standard adapter post hole size of 20 mm (diameter). By attaching the included arm board, more flexible arm installation is possible.

Aluminum alloy plate

Two tone arms can be installed by using the optional Smart Armboard.

Platter POM/Stainless steel column (6 columns)

Size: 300mm x 60mm Weight: 8kg

Pedestal Size 370 x 370 x 110 mm Weight: 15KG
Bearings Neodymium magnet floating
Stand High quality rubber feet with height adjustment x3
Armboard Compatible with tone arm with 213 to 308mm axis. Double-arm compatible by using the included pillar adapter.
Tone Arm Standard Pillar Hole Size 20mm; optional pillar adapter for 18mm and 23.5mm
Drive Flat belt drive
Speed 33/45rpm speed adjustable
Speed error 0.03%
Wah Flutter 0.01%
S/N ratio >80dB
External Motor TM-R501 Weight: 1.5 kg Power input: DC12V/2A
Gross weight 23kg

The performance of the TT-D200MK2 as a turntable is excellent. The platter is held in place by magnets placed around its axis, which float it about 8mm.
I think this is the same principle as the magnefloat that TEAC used to commercialize, and I think it contributes greatly to smooth rotation and vibration prevention.
However, the unit I used had a problem with resonance between the magnefloat and the belt drive, causing vertical vibration during playback, but after injecting oil into the bearings, the vibration was eliminated. Since the platter is floating with magnets, if a heavy stabilizer is placed on it, the platter sinks and the height of the arm changes.

In addition, the record is supported at six points on the platter, and since these supports are slightly lifted off the platter, placing the stabilizer on the platter causes the record to warp in the opposite direction.
It is better not to use a stabilizer with this product or to use a lighter one. Two arms can be installed: a conventional arm and the company's linear tracking arm. A special base is included for mounting a conventional tone arm, and any arm with a pipe base of the same diameter as the company's arm can be mounted without modification.
Otherwise, you will need to make your own mounting base. The turntable base appears to be a laminated aluminum material. It is heavy enough and looks good.
The base is supported by three rubber feet with bolts that screw into the bottom to adjust the height.
The rubber feet are hard like ordinary rubber, so there is no vibration absorption here. Walking on the floor will cause the needle to skip or make noise.
However, since the platter is floating with magnets, howling does not seem to occur.

The motor has two speeds, 33 1/3 and 45 rpm, but the variable range is wide enough to raise the speed to 78 rpm even at 33 rpm. A stroboscope is required to adjust the speed, and now that lighting has changed from fluorescent to LED, a special fluorescent light stand or other device that blinks on commercial frequencies is required.

Unfortunately, the power cable for the motor comes out of the front, which makes cable routing tricky, so I wished it would have come out the rear.
The sound was of high-end quality, and the enthusiasts who came to our company to listen were very surprised.
It has a very high quality for a turntable at this price. *Mr. Nagai, representative of Bakoon Products