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Bakoon Products CAP-1007 Small Preamplifier

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Bakoon Products CAP-1007 Small Preamplifier

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Pursuing the best sound in Near Field

I want to enjoy the best sound in one room!

A CAP series has been born that produces high -quality music life in the size of just fit in a narrow space from Bacoon Products. In a studio where you are worried about the neighborhood, we have generously launch the SATRI circuit technology that boasts Bacoon Products in order to regenerate music information even with low sounds. The CAP-1007 is an amplifier that selects a lot of audio signals such as TV, CD players, DVD players, tuners, mobile-prejers, and smartphones and adjust the volume. It is an essential amplifier for those who have a lot of sources to listen to in the audio device, and it is troublesome to change the wiring.

Return line control

The output uses a powerful buffer amplifier HBFBC to reduce the deterioration of sound as much as possible. For the selection of signals, a relay is more than 100 million times of machine life. Since the frequency characteristics are guaranteed to the MHz band, there is no deterioration of the signal. If the distortion rate changes due to changes in the frequency, the coloring will be felt and the sound will be felt, but in the CAP-1007, there is almost no change in distortion from 20Hz to 50kHz. You can see how CAP-1007 is an obedient sound without coloring.

Enriched input system

The input is equipped with 6 systems and switches the input signal with input selector. Input1 to 4 is the RCA terminal on the back, and INPUT5 and 6 are phonjack on the front and rear panels, respectively. The phone jack on the front panel is useful when connecting a signal of a mobile device such as a smartphone.

If the power amplifier gain is maximized, the volume of the speaker can be controlled by a preamplifier. If you have CD players and DVD players and this unit at hand, you can control the music source and control the volume at hand.

Mobile battery driving noizless

The attached USB cable is used for the DC5V Input. As a power supply, you can use a USB charger or a mobile battery for mobile. The serious current consumption is 5V250mA, so you can use it for 40 hours with a 10Ah battery. If you use a mobile battery, you will not be affected by noise, so you can operate the CAP-1007 at the highest state.

To the new face

It has become a new face. In the CAP series, the exterior relationship uses general -purpose products on the exterior in order to reduce the price, but this time we are trying to improve the sense of unity and texture as a bacoon product by integrating knobs with advanced grade products. 。
Maximum output 8V (1%distortion)
Distortion (1kHz) 4v: 0.03%
S/N ratio -120db (Gain 0db)
Frequency characteristic 20Hz ~ 400kHz
Phase characteristics 0 ° (20kHz), 45 ° (400kHz)
size W130 X H45X D180mm
weight 470g
power supply 5v250ma DC
*Bacoon Products change the logo and name to SCL (SATRI CIRCUIT LABORATORY). please note that.

Despite the six inputs in the body size less than 20cm, it has been well organized. Although it is super lightweight at 470g, it can be operated comfortably except because the rubber grip at the feet is solid. It is a slightly larger tapper in conjunction with the power amplifier CAP1001, so the luxury of the installation location is increasing and troublesome.
Except for the turntable, you can enjoy the music enough to connect directly to the power amplifier, but the better the sound of the CAP-1007, the sound is not deteriorated or distortion due to the adoption of buffer amplifier HBFBC etc. I think. It may be great that the use of the battery is released from the power noise. It is an unmistakable Bacoon Products that does not use special speakers, but have no strange habits and listen to clear and transparent sounds forever.
We listened to the battery-driven preamplifier CAP-1007 by itself, but it was a high S/N that surpassed a super-high-clasp preamplifier, and the sound quality was fresh. With a natural texture that does not feel the coloring at all, the dynamic range and frequency range are wide, and it is a clear and growing sound that is clear and stretched from large traffic lights to weak signals. The power amplifier CAP-1001 has a low input impedance of about 10 kΩ, so if you use a sound source device using an operational amplifier for the output circuit, you will not be able to demonstrate the real territory due to lack of drive ability. However, when the CAP-1007 has a high driving ability in high input impedance, the sound quality changes completely, it has instantaneous power and stretches, and it becomes a clear and very vivid playback sound. The speaker was 8Ω and the KEFQ950 with an efficiency of 91db/W/1m was used, but since it is a soft dystress characteristic, a volume that could not be imagined is an amplifier of 6w/ch. The CAP series is a masterpiece that demonstrates that even small and low -cost amplifiers can high sound quality.
*MJ radio and experiment
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