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Bakoon Products SCL CAP-1007 Small Preamp

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Bakoon Products SCL CAP-1007 Small Preamp

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Pursuit of the best sound in the near field

Enjoy the best sound even in a single room!

Baccoon Products has created the CAP Series, a series of high quality music speakers that are perfectly sized to fit in a small space. The CAP-1007 is designed to select and adjust the volume of audio signals from TVs, CD players, DVD players, tuners, mobile players, smart phones, and more. The CAP-1007 is an amplifier that selects and adjusts the volume of many audio signals. If you have a lot of sources you want to listen to on your audio equipment and don't want to have to change the wiring every time, this is the amplifier for you.

No-feedback line control

The output uses a powerful buffer amplifier HBFBC to minimize sound degradation as much as possible. For signal selection, relays with a mechanical life of over 100 million cycles are used. Frequency response is also guaranteed down to the MHz band, so there is no signal degradation. Changes in distortion rate due to changes in frequency can cause a feeling of coloration or quirks in the sound, but with CAP-1007, there is almost no change in distortion from 20Hz to 50KHz. This shows how straightforward the sound of CAP-1007 is without any coloration.

Well-developed input system

Six inputs are provided, and the input signal is switched by the INPUT SELECTOR: INPUT 1 to 4 are RCA jacks on the rear panel, and INPUT 5 and 6 are phone jacks on the front and rear panels, respectively. The phone jacks on the front panel are useful for connecting signals from portable devices such as smartphones.

If the power amplifier gain is set to maximum, the speaker volume can be controlled by the preamplifier, making it convenient to have a CD or DVD player and this unit at hand to switch between music sources and control the volume at your fingertips.

Mobile battery powered and noiseless

Use the included USB cable for the DC5V INPUT. A mobile USB charger or mobile battery can be used as the power source. The current consumption is 5V250mA, so a 10AH battery can be used for 40 hours. Using a mobile battery allows the CAP-1007 to operate at its best, since it is not affected by noise.

New Face

The CAP series has a new face, and to keep the price down, the exterior parts are made of general-purpose products available on the market.
Maximum output 8V(1% distortion)
Distortion(1KHz) 4V:0.03
S/N Ratio -120db(GAIN 0db)
Frequency Response 20Hz~400KHz
Phase Characteristics 0°(20KHz),45°(400KHz)
Dimensions W130 x H45 x D180mm
Weight 470g
Power source 5V250mA DC
*Bakun Products will gradually change its logo and name to SCL (SATRI Circuit Laboratory). Please note that the logo and name will be changed to SCL (SATRI Circuit Laboratory) in due course.

The BACUNE is a very lightweight unit weighing only 470g, but it can be operated comfortably, probably due to the rubber grips on its feet. The CAP1001 power amplifier is about the size of a large Tupperware cup, so you can choose where to place it, which is a luxury that will give you a lot of trouble...
Except for the turntable, you can enjoy music just by connecting directly to the power amp, but I think the sound is better through the CAP-1007, perhaps because there is no sound degradation or distortion due to the use of the HBFBC buffer amp, etc. The use of batteries may also be a big factor in the fact that the speakers are free from power supply noise. Although the speakers are not particularly large, the sound is clear and transparent without any strange habits, which is unmistakably the lineage of Bakun Products.
I auditioned the battery-powered preamplifier CAP-1007 by itself and was immensely impressed by its high S/N and crisp sound quality that surpassed that of ultra-high-class preamplifiers. The sound had a natural texture with no hint of coloration, a wide dynamic range and frequency range, and a clear, crisp, extended, and true-to-life sound from large signals to weak signals. The CAP-1001 power amplifier has a low input impedance of approximately 10K ohms, so it often fails to reach its full potential when used with sound source equipment that uses operational amplifier ICs in the output circuit due to insufficient drive capability. However, when CAP-1007, with its high input impedance and high driving capability, is used as an intermediary, the sound quality changes drastically, and the sound is instantaneous and extended, with clear, crisp, and extremely vivid reproduction. The CAP series is a powerful work that demonstrates that high sound quality is possible even with a small, lightweight, and low-priced amplifier.
*Experiments with MJ Radio