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Bakoon Products / SCL CAP-1003 +FIL-3102 Headphone amplifier set

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Bakoon Products / SCL CAP-1003 +FIL-3102 Headphone amplifier set

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A set of the CAP series that pursues the best sound even though it is small!

Headphone amplifier that fits in your palm!

A CAP series has been born that produces high -quality music life in the size of just fit in a narrow space from Bacoon Products.
CAP-1003 is a bargain product with a set of a small headphone amplifier of 75 (W) x30 (H) x100 (D) mm and a new digital noise removal filter FIL3102 of Bacoon Products.

Since CAP-1003 is a non-regression amplifier, it has a vast frequency characteristic and a wonderful transient characteristics. Insert headphone terminal outputs such as smartphones, tablets, mobile music players, etc., reduce the load on the player's headphone output to reduce distortion, and have a new IC "HBFBC" that has newly developed the signal. It is a design that drives headphones in the output circuit. FIL-3102 is ideal for smartphones, tablets, PCs and digital players. If you connect between the player and the amplifier, the accuracy and localization of the sound will significantly eliminate the improvement noise, which will eliminate the turbidity of the sound, making it clear and natural. Dramatically improve the downloaded high -resolution sound.

Like other CAP series, power supply can be supplied from+5V, USB or mobile battery.
Mobile batteries have a large capacity, such as 10000mAh, so you can operate well without narrowing the operating current. The stable operation is realized as ± 5V inside. There are two inputs, RCA and mini vonjack, which can be selected by the front input switching switch.
Maximum output 8V (1%distortion)
Distortion (1kHz) 1MW: 0.009%
S/N ratio -120db (Gain 0db)
Frequency characteristic 20Hz ~ 1MHz (-3db)
Phase characteristics 0 ° (100kHz), 45 ° (10MHz)
size W75X H30X D100mm
weight 180g
power supply 5v0.7a DC

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