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Bakoon Products CAP amplifier set

Product code: cap1000-1

Bakoon Products CAP amplifier set

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We will revise the price from August 1st. If you are looking for customers, please purchase as soon as possible.

It will be made to order. The date of shipment will be from 1 day to 3 business days.
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The CAP series that pursues the best sound in Near Field at a set price!

I want to enjoy the best sound in one room!

A CAP series has been born that produces high -quality music life in the size of just fit in a narrow space from Bacoon Products. In a studio where you are worried about the neighborhood, we have generously launch the SATRI circuit technology that boasts Bacoon Products in order to regenerate music information even with low sounds. This CAP series will be offered at a better price with your favorite set.

In the combination of preamplifiers and power amplifiers, you can enjoy a fulfilling music life as a studio, garage, and second unit!

Mobile battery driving noizless

The attached USB cable is used for the DC5V Input. As a power supply, he can use his USB charger and mobile battery for mobile. The current consumption is 5V250mA (CAP-1001 Power amplifier is DC24V), so it can be used for 40 hours with a 10Ah battery. If you use a mobile battery, you will not be affected by noise, so you can enjoy watching music in the best state.

I want to enjoy the deep analog disk world!

Two types of CAP series phonoi rizer, CAP-1002 for those who want to enjoy records simply, and CAP-1004 for those who want to enjoy various vintage disks more deeply.

*Depending on the stock status, it may take more time than the scheduled shipping date.
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