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BATMASTER High-end Heil Heil: Super Tweeter

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TAKET BATMASTER High-end Heil Heil: Super Tweeter

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Sound vowel lively

High-end Polymer Piezo-electric Heil type Super Tweeter


High-end model of BAT series. BATMASTER is: Beautiful shape and high rigidity with thick rigidity, brass horn and brass spike. It is a cuting audible 15 kHz to avoid cross over the main speaker's sound. BATMASTER is not only extends treble range and/sound. It reate the bright and tenderly of live sound. Once, you use BATMASTER, it is hard to return your your previous speaker system. A combination with BATMASTER and TAKET WHD PURE (woofer) is. All sound and fields extend, can you feel, and you have a look at each.

In the Super-Tweeeter, TAKET cuts the frequency response under 20 kHz as much as possible. First of all, frequency response under 20 kHz is the pitch and the depth of the state of the film. This is possible because of the Heil-like structure. In addition a low frequency region is cut by a base of the sat-knit. The SPL under 20 kHz of the main speaker system is not changed, even if the TAKET Super-tweeter is added. It's an ideal super-tweeter that is only to the sound over 20kHz.
TAKET super tweeter has been set to the sound that we cut the sound of under under under 20 kHz. As-as-as-possible to design super tweeter.
So, it is very applicable to listen the sound from our sound from our super tweeter, if it is connected to main speaker. It is the big difference from other super tweeters.

The main structure

Mat, black, finished, cabinet.

Brass made horn is fixed by rep.
It is Into Rolling Rolling High. High-molecular piezodiaphrase Diaphragm which structure is set to be less than.

The Middle size gold-plated company is a jereware. The Maximum diameter of line is 5mm. Banana plugs can be connected.
Efficiency is selectable for 5stages by the rotary switch.

BATMASTER has an internal transformer that is called "25times which is input into both" and "is".
Pure brass spikes are provided.

Maximum rate 100V (also known as the test signal by 20kHz or more: at be under 20V). The protection of The protection: Over 100V. It return to the origin when you are off power and a minutes.)
Impedance infinity-140 ohms-28 ohms (direct current-20kHz-100kHz)
Frequency Response 18kHz-150kHz or more (It is cut and under 18 kHz by Heil type structure and substrinitor.)
Maximum Output Sound Pressure 100dB/W/m (selectable)
Drive System TAT-driver (Heil type) polymer Pietro-electric driver
Dimensions 110x70x100mm
Weight 720g
Once-add this BATMASTER in the audio system, widen and increase depth of sound field, it is a sublively lively. The Vocal and string Instruments: Fine sound as well as sound as well as Facinatingly elegant. Compare to BATPRO2, clarity, clarity, richness and place depth of sound field. The effect of this tweeter: not only analog source or SACD, but also in CD source.
Aging term was a little bit higher than what I expected, but the sound was totally unsound, clearer and brighter, it was a little more than that, and I was a little bit more than a little bit. It is a non-audible sound, audible sound range. SACD is in a different from ordinary redisplay sound, that you notice the treble range was not recreated. The impact of different DVD: High vision. I think set up the position of BATMASTER is the most important for its performance. You need to figure out the best for this tweeter in your audio system. Small-moving-big-difference-its its sound.