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Equalizer amplifier AS-EQ99VIP

Product code: b018-1-1

ASTOR Equalizer amplifier AS-EQ99VIP

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The Ultimate Vacuum Tube Equalizer

A New Dimension in Vacuum Tube Equalizer Amplifiers

The chassis of AS-EQ99VIP is bent and finished with a 2mm thick 18-18 stainless steel mirror finish, and is made of two pieces of 1mm thick oxygen-free copper. The mounting parts are made of 2 mm thick oxygen-free copper material. It has a beautiful mirror-finished appearance, and the ultra-thick casing is highly effective in preventing vibration and noise. The metal fittings used on the inside are also all made of oxygen-free copper. The cost of this casing alone was nearly 200,000 yen. Aluminum, copper, oxygen-free copper, and stainless steel components are used, and each piece is handcrafted and finished with careful attention to detail, which has a positive impact on the sound quality. The foot base is made of oxygen-free copper and sandwiched with young cowhide and attached to the chassis.

Overwhelming transparency, high resolution, and information volume!

By using the highest-grade Hashimoto transformer and carefully selected top-grade capacitors and sockets, it is possible to reproduce the musical information that MC cartridges pick up from analog discs without any loss. The reproduced sound, with minimal noise and distortion, has a very good signal-to-noise ratio, and the background is as quiet and deep as jet black. The sound is so clear and transparent that it reproduces the original sound of the recording as it was engraved in the grooves, the sound is velvety smooth, lustrous, and delicate, with a solid core of power.

Input MC1, MC2
Output 1 line
Vacuum tube 12AX7 x2, 12AU7 x1
Transformer PT-95x1, C-30-80W x1
Equalizer impedance 47k ohms
Frequency response 10Hz~100kHz
Residual noise 1mmV or less
Dimensions 350mm(W) x 430mm(D) x 180mm(D)
Weight 14kg