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Yamamoto Sound Craft
B-45 Base plate

Product code: B-45

Yamamoto Sound Craft B-45 Base plate

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Draws out well-balanced reproduction sound.

Plate type base

Plate type base made of laminated asada cherry wood. Speakers and amplifiers can be placed on it to improve sound quality. The natural anti-vibration properties and resonance of this high quality wood stabilize the equipment placed on top of it. Placing it under a rack or speaker stand improves stability and produces a tighter sound. Useful for Japanese-style rooms and carpeted rooms.
Applicable models Speakers, Amplifiers, etc.
Materials used Asada cherry laminated wood
External dimensions 450(W)x430(D)xBoard thickness: 25mm
Load capacity 60kg
Weight 3.6kg
This is a very easy-to-use audio board with a size of 45 cm and a moderate thickness of 25 mm, making it possible to lay it inside a rack. The sound quality has a vibration control function, which gives the impression of a firm, unambiguous sound, and the natural wood's moderate resonance is good. The beautiful finish of the board itself makes it a high-cost audio board.