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Yamamoto Sound Craft
B-45 Base plate

Product code: B-45

Yamamoto Sound Craft B-45 Base plate

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Eliminate resonances, reproduce clearly

High quality wooden plate

This is a plate type base made of laminated Asada cherry wood.Improve sound quality by placing speakers and amplifiers on it.The natural high quality of the wood's anti-vibration properties and sound quality stabilizes the equipment on it. Place it underneath audio racks and speaker stands for improved stability and tighter sound. It is also useful in carpeted rooms.

Compatible devices Speaker, amplifier, etc.
Material Used Asada cherry laminated wood
Dimensions 450(W)x430(D)xboard thickness:25mm
Load capacity 60kg
Weight 3.6kg
In terms of sound quality, the seismic control function worked well and the sound was firm and unambiguous. It has the right amount of resonance that only natural wood can provide. The board itself has a beautiful finish.