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+alpha Shell lead wires

Product code: Augashell-a

Aug-Line +alpha Shell lead wires

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Uncluttered mid-low range is the most attractive feature.

Conveys the full reproduction sound of the cartridge!

The shell reed, made of a luxurious alloy of gold and silver, has a loud, thick, powerful, and uncloudy mid-low range that is its greatest appeal.
Augline +α (Alpha) shell lead wires are high performance shell leads made with "Augline +α (Alpha)", a much higher gold content.

PTFE, which has the most excellent properties among Teflon, is used for the insulation material that greatly affects sound quality, and a pipe shape with a large grounding area is used for the connection terminals, which are specially plated.

Magazine Critics' Evaluation

Loud and tough sounding. It is made of an alloy of gold, silver, and platinum called Augline, but you should disregard any impression you may have of this material. The manufacturer's subtle blending of the two materials is well done, and the mid and low frequencies are especially good in the loudness, and Marcos Valli's masculine voice is very appealing. This is the kind of sound that analog fans will love.