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Augline Shell Lead Wires 3-pair set

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Augline Shell Lead Wires 3-pair set

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Conveying the full sound of playback!

Conveys the full reproduction sound of the cartridge!

This is a set of three types of shell lead wires from Augline, famous for its alloy cables made of gold, silver, and platinum. You can enjoy replacing them according to the music you listen to and the cartridge you use.

Auxline" and "Auxline + Pt" are used to reproduce all music with competition.

Two "Augline + Pt" are used, which is suitable for Vocal due to its excellent reproduction of the mid-range of platinum.

Two "Augline" are used, and it is especially suitable for reproduction of Classic with excellent transparency and high resolution of Augline.

PTFE, which has the most excellent characteristics among Teflon, is used for the insulation material, which has a great influence on sound quality, and a pipe shape with a large grounding area is used for the connection terminals, which are specially plated.

The orchestra has a good expression that is a middle ground between powerful and smooth. The strings are soft and lustrous, while the winds are strong and shapely. The chorus has a slightly forward sound image and a bright, penetrating ring. The jazz accompaniment is bright and powerful, and the vocals are moist and silky, with a bit of crispness to them. This is truly a versatile shell-lead line that falls somewhere between "Classic" and "Vocal".
As soon as I started listening, I fell in love with the sound, which was filled with an image of "stillness" despite its tremendous amount of information. The contours of the sound image completely disappear, and only the music unfolds. The orchestra sounded a little like chamber music, but the beauty of the strings and the naturalness of the orchestra's localization, as if one were listening to a condenser speaker, were characteristics that could not be obtained without this wire. The chorus is delicate and soft-touch, but still has a lot of information. The fineness of expression and the beauty of the fading echoes are unparalleled. Jazz is characterized by a moist velvet texture, and the vocals are less husky and more mature and silky.
Once the wires were changed, the sound was transformed into something rich and colorful. The orchestra reproduced a large scale and full of power. The strings are sharp, and the winds cut into the high frequencies, but they don't pierce the ear. The chorus is a magnificent expression, as if the singers are singing with all their strength in their bellies. Harmonies are beautifully clear, and the hall reverberation is brilliantly extended. In the jazz style, the vocals are a little huskier, and the fine luster, reminiscent of old gold coins, is very sexy. The backing music was tight, and the sound was tight but bold and powerful.
Behind the Scenes
I was informed that using vocals on the plus side and classical music on the minus side provides a good balance, so I experimented. The chorus sounded fresh and bright in a deep, moist echo. The jazz is a wonderful balance of adding liveliness to the accompaniment while maintaining the silky quality of the voices. This backbone is the same material as the Competition, but the sound is a bit different. If the Competition is a bit more classical, this is a bit more vocal. Now you can choose from four different types of shell lead wire, which will surely enrich your analog life.
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