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Solid Aug-Line
USB Special Edition USB cable

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Solid Aug-Line USB Special Edition USB cable

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This is a made-to-order product. Estimated shipping time is 2~4 days. Length can be increased or decreased in 50cm increments.
*The delivery date may vary depending on the manufacturer's order status.

Dramatically improves the luster, resonance, and three-dimensionality of sound

Excellent localization and depth reproduction!

The USB Special Edition cable is a 4-core twisted digital cable using an ideal balance of the gold and silver alloy "AuGrain" and the world's first advanced material "AuGrain+Pt" which is a triple blend of high-purity platinum, gold, and silver. The cable is a 4-core twisted digital cable with an ideal balance of conductors.

PTFE, which has superior properties among Teflon, is used for the insulation material, which has a great impact on sound quality.
The cable has a structure compliant with USB 2.0 standards, with a double-layered structure of aluminum polyester and braided shielding, and a drain wire to provide iron-clad noise countermeasures. The metals and insulation materials used do not contain any substances stipulated by the RoHS Directive.

For USB cables that are deeply connected to PCs, noise suppression from PCs is quite important. Since the frequency in the digital domain is high, we use materials with the highest conceivable shielding effectiveness. A high-frequency blocking sheet is placed around the circumference of the cable, and around the plug, tungsten powder is included in the molding resin to enhance vibration damping, achieving the ultimate in noise immunity.
The A and B plugs used have gold-plated contacts to prevent transmission loss.
*Please note that the USB plugs are available in A type and B type.
It's not as if anyone else heard it. Listen to Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong's classic AUTUMN IN NEW YORK recorded in 1956, SE has a fullness and softness in Ella and Satchmo's voices and excellent localization. The depth space is also wide. Listen to the audio check classic "Cantate Domino". The soprano's luster, resonance, three-dimensional standing, depth and left-right expanse of the large chorus, and all were overwhelmingly superior to the high-grade cables of other companies.
The moment I put it on, I felt a tremendous change and a great sense of quietness. The tone of the instruments is carefully expressed and of high quality. Even when the volume is turned up, the sound is not disturbed and is well controlled and free of clutter. The clear high frequency range has good extension and is very pleasant to listen to. Conversely, the low frequencies are not as noticeable as the highs and are of moderate volume. It sounds as if stimulating sounds have been eliminated. Regardless of the genre, the live sound source expresses the atmosphere of the place well and is realistic and gives you goosebumps. I think this cable is quite unique with its own luster.
It dramatically changes the sound of the PC I have been listening to! Localization is outstanding, depth is increased, and space is expanded. The luster, resonance, and three-dimensionality of the sound are also amazingly improved and truly wonderful.
*Audio Accessory magazine excerpt
This luxurious USB cable combines silver wire with gold and platinum.

Compared to the audioquest carbon, the carbon sounded more like the developer's intention to make it sound beautiful.

Moreover, no matter how much more information it contained compared to cables in the lower price range, sound degradation was inevitable during transmission.

On the other hand, this one had no peculiarities. It was as if no cables had been used. Perhaps because there is infinitely little degradation, the sound is three-dimensional, with an excellent sense of air and spatial expression.

I heard somewhere that silver wire usually has a bright peculiarity, but when it is used for USB cables, it is not peculiar, but rather superior in sound quality.

In fact, I had avoided silver cables because of the brightness of Augline's RCA cables, but I did not feel any peculiarities in this USB cable.

I did not feel any peculiarity in this USB cable. It seems to be highly credible from the fact that silver wire is often used only for USB cables, while copper wire is generally used even for cables in the higher price range.
*Excerpt from