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Solid Aug-Line
USB cable

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Solid Aug-Line USB cable

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This is a made-to-order product. Estimated shipping time is 2~4 days. Length can be increased or decreased in 50cm increments.
*The delivery date may vary depending on the manufacturer's order status.

More competent than the price.

USB cable with thorough noise suppression

Solid AuGrain USB cables are 4-core twisted digital cables with an ideal balance of AuGrain, an alloy of gold and silver, and AuGrain+Pt, the world's first triple blend of high-purity platinum, gold, and silver, created through long-term research and development as advanced materials.
PTFE, which has superior properties among Teflon, is used for the insulation material, which has a great impact on sound quality.

Since USB cables are deeply connected to PCs, noise countermeasures are quite heavy, so the cable has a structure that conforms to the USB 2.0 standard, with a double-layered structure using aluminum polyester and braided shielding, and a drain wire to provide iron-clad noise countermeasures. The metals and insulation materials used do not contain any substances stipulated by the RoHS Directive.
The A and B plugs used have gold-plated contacts to prevent transmission loss.

Although not as good as the Solid Ogrine USB Special Edition, the sound from the PC has a great luster, resonance, depth, and three-dimensionality. Considering the price difference, the cost performance is quite high.
All high-end USB cables are not easy to handle, but this cable is very easy to handle and is as soft as a cheap cable. I felt that it had a wide range without any peculiarities. I can recommend this cable as a cable that handles well and sounds great.
*Please note that the USB plug shape is A type and B type.
I replaced the "Beatles Box USB Version" with the normal and the aug SE in order. The SE is the best in terms of detail and coloration, but the normal version is not bad either, as it reproduces the atmosphere of the Beatles in the 1960s very well. Then, I decided to see what would happen with the new recording, and we had a duel with the augmented normal version of Eric Clapton's "Clapton". The result was satisfactory enough with the normal system if the SEs were not present, but the SEs do raise the overall grade. 16,000 yen difference in price for a one-meter type is a cause for concern. If you want to do net audio properly, the SE is the best choice. If cost performance is your priority, go for the Normal. There are many less expensive USB cables, but they are more powerful than their price.
*Audio Accessory magazine excerpt
Equipment used
Desktop PC ←(Augline USB cable here) ←Hard disk
RME Fireface400 ←Antelope OCX ←Antelope 10MHZ Rubidium
DAC & Pre: Berkeley Audio Design Alpha DAC (also used as pre)
Original Nautilus Channel Divider
Power Amplifier: GOLDMUND MIMESIS 28M x 4
Speaker: Original Nautilus
Up to this point, I had been using a USB cable made by a reputable manufacturer, and had no complaints. I had no complaints about the quality of the sound, but as soon as I connected the cables, without any aging, I was amazed at the drastic change in sound quality. The change in sound output itself was more pronounced than the sound quality. Energy was added, highs were extended, lows were lowered, and the nuance of the vocals was especially improved. My honest impression was that at last the definitive version of the USB cable had been released. Furthermore, when I listened to the special version that I ordered after receiving it, the above impression was further enhanced, and I was amazed at how much the energy of the same device could be changed just by changing the cable between it and the hard disk. It was a listening session that made us recognize again the great effect of the augmented line in the digital domain.