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Terminator PW Noise cut power cable

Product code: Aug06

Aug-Line Terminator PW Noise cut power cable

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Winner of the Audio Excellence Award, Special Prize

Noise absorption/elimination module developed for power supplies


Constructed using an og alloy that combines gold, silver, and platinum in optimum balance, with noise-absorbing elements and fine ceramics fused inside

It is expected to be effective in all AC parts of audio (both AC and signal).
The inside uses terminator elements with noise absorption effect, and the cable section uses plenty of aug alloys made of gold, silver, and platinum.
The Augurine Terminator PW is inserted between your current power cable and equipment.

A special award winner of the Audio Excellence Award 2013.
We recommend using this product upstream of your system. Especially when used with equipment that has a built-in clock, it will have a wonderful effect on the sound quality. If you are using an external clock, please use it for the power supply of the external clock first.
The sound quality will be a little hard immediately after connection, but aging will be completed in about 30 hours.

The sound is very mature. When the Orgeline Terminator is inserted between the power cable and the main unit, the overall purity improves and the feel of the high frequency range, in particular, becomes mellower. The texture changed from cotton to velvet, if you will. It was as if the high-frequency noise components that were subtle but not noticeable in the sound were eliminated. It is of high quality.
*audio accessory

The degree of change after installation was quite significant, and in the case of vocals, both the piano and the voice sounded as if they had been recorded with an on-mic recording. Her natural voice is slender, but it has transformed into a meaty, full-bodied, and beautiful woman. The guitarist seemed to have moved to the front of the stage. This increased the rush of the entire sound. The dynamic bass not only sank, but also extended. It has tenacity and punch. It fits perfectly with jazz software. The editor, who was quietly conducting the interview aside, commented, "It has changed in a different direction from each of the previous products. The power of the augmented alloy also seems to have had a considerable effect.

Rather than eliminating noise and acquiring a sense of background transparency and quietness, the music as a whole becomes more energetic. The base power cable is made with a large amount of aug alloy, and that is the key point.
*audio accessory