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Horus Joint cable RCA

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Aug-Line Horus Joint cable RCA

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Significantly improved information volume, resolution, and signal-to-noise ratio

Joint cable that adds the essence of "Horus," the highest peak of the augmented line


This product was developed based on the idea of breaking the taboo of increasing the number of contact points in audio.
This joint cable uses the "Horus" conductor, which won the 2009 Audio Excellence Award from Ongen Publishing's "Audio Accessory" magazine.

The sound will differ depending on whether the cable is attached to the head (pre-side) or the tail (power-side) of the basic parent cable. Connect to your current cable to improve sound quality. This is an idea device that uses the "end effect" of the cable to achieve a sound quality that is close to that of the high-end Horus cable, and its effect is outstanding together with the Isis joint.

Although only 20cm is added, the number of audible sounds increases, the amount of information and resolution improves, the signal-to-noise ratio improves significantly, and the sense of substance is definitely improved. The effect is beyond your imagination!
The idea of connecting cables has been considered negative until now due to the increase in contact points, but if you think about it, the cables between the duck, pre, and power are joints connecting different devices. The sound quality is the most important thing, but you will probably be surprised. I think it is especially suitable for those who use long balanced cables or use a lot of cables for multiple devices.
CDP: Luxman D-08
Power Amp: Goldmund Mismesis 18.4
Pre Amp: Goldmund Mismesis 27.3L
SP: B&W Signature Diamond
This time, I tested the system between pre and power. Over the past few years, as I have moved and my listening room has changed, I have not been able to find a sound that I am satisfied with until I settled on the above equipment. I was satisfied with the sound, but I was concerned about the "thinness" of the sound depending on the music I listened to. Especially in the late 60's to mid 70's blues rock and jazz, it was not a "pleasant sound" to listen to, to say the least. After listening to your joint cables this time, I am very satisfied with the sound.
1. reproducibility of the lowest frequency range
2. brilliant high frequency range
3. above all, the sound sounds "fun" - as if I was in a live music club... I could feel the atmosphere.
I think it is not aged enough yet, but I could feel a certain "awesomeness". If this were not a joint cable but a normal Horus cable, I can only imagine how great it would be.... This is my impression of Horus, although it is still in the process of aging.
The Horus joint cable was inserted between the pre and power (pre feed side). The amp and CDP were not warmed up at all, but I could hear the difference. My first impression was "The sound became mellower. The high frequency range was emphasized and expanded. The first impression was "The sound became mellower. The speaker is originally characterized by the expression of high frequency range, but I could hear the high frequency sound more. To be honest, I first felt that the balance between low and high frequencies had deteriorated even when the speakers had not been warmed up. After a while, the high-frequency outburst I had feared subsided, and the sound began to coalesce in the center, and I realized that although the cable looks light and soft, the aging process had a considerable impact. Now that the sound quality had settled down, we began the hearing test again. The high and low frequencies became more coherent, and the center of gravity seemed to have been lowered. I was initially negative about it, thinking it was just an accessory, but I am very pleased with the results. I often use this cable in my blog when I do impressions, but I also felt that it made the sound quieter, and the negative effects of adding an extra cable were wiped out from my mind. What I like about this cable is not only the "quieter sound" but also the comfort of the "mellower sound" that I felt from the beginning. This may be the effect of gold, silver, and platinum.
*President's Secret Diary