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"Isis Joint" Speaker Joint cable

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Aug-Line "Isis Joint" Speaker Joint cable

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Renew the sound quality of the entire system

Shortening cable of Isis, the highest peak

The Solid Orgline Isis speaker joint cable is a cable that allows you to experience the essence of Orgline's top-of-the-line speaker cable, Orgline Isis, at a more affordable price. This 20cm cable is made of the exact same construction and materials as the top of the line Isis speaker cable (1,300,000 yen). This is a joint cable that greatly improves the sound quality by connecting it to the cable you are currently using.

The Isis Joint Cable is a surprising method of improving sound quality by connecting it to existing speaker cables, but when it was first released, the cable received a great response due to its excellent effects. The sound pressure is increased, the amount of information is increased, and the resolution in each frequency range is noticeably improved. A report on the use of this cable in a specialized magazine stated that the sound after the addition of the joint was so good that it lightly knocked out the normal sound and "won the battle in three seconds. The effect is sharp yet dense, and the reality of instruments and voices is enhanced, an amazing effect for only 20 cm of cable.

A large, purely Japanese-made terminal is used at the junction with the existing speaker cables, and both Y-rags, banana plugs, and bare wires can be connected.
The connection is more effective when connected to the speaker side. In a report in a specialized magazine, the jumper cables were removed and double joints were used on both sides of the high and low frequency range, impressing the reader with the upgraded feeling of the system beyond imagination.
A type with a built-in terminator element that increases transparency and power in addition to noise absorption effect is also available in our lineup.
The speakers are Monitor Audio GS60s, and the speaker cable is a 2-meter pair priced at about 20,000 yen. I was not sure whether to install the Isis joints on the amplifier side or the speaker side, but according to Mutoh Manufacturing, the speaker side was better as a result of the hearing test, so I went with that. The software was Kelly Joe Phelps' delicate live slide guitar playing, Jamaladeen Takuma's funk bass, etc.... The effect was even more pronounced on the Isis joint than on the Horus joint. The sharpness was sharper yet denser, and the reality of the instruments and voices was enhanced. The surprise was even greater: "What? was even more surprising. I am sorry to say this, but a 20cm cable easily transformed the entire system. Next, the jumper cables were removed and double joints were used on the high and low frequency side. Even though I had expected it, the system felt like an upgrade. The system was so much better than I had expected. Even when I played a heavy funk bass that made the woofer cry, the system was still smiling. When I encountered this kind of phenomenon, I wanted to bring the joints to the house of someone who makes fun of them and make him or her gasp.
*audio accessory
Listening system: B&W 802D speakers, Luxman D-08 player, McIntosh C2300 preamplifier, MC501 power amplifier, cables used Preamp-Power Amplifier wireworld gold eclipse 5-2, Horus joint cable used between Preamp-Power Amplifier. For speaker cables, wireworld silver eclipse 5-2 and Acrolink 6N-S5000 were used. The cables are stiff, so it was a little difficult to connect them. I was very worried because there was no treble at all right after connecting them, but gradually they started to sound good. The first change I noticed was that there was more information. I was impressed by the amount of information that was contained in the sound. Furthermore, the soundstage seems to have become wider. As for individual changes, the wireworld silver eclipse 5-2, which had a slightly high and hard sounding reproduction, became milder, and bass is now fully present. The bass power, a strong point, is maintained. I was very surprised when I used the Horus joint cable, and I was surprised again this time.
*President's Secret Diary