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Horus Joint cable XLR

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Aug-Line Horus Joint cable XLR

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Significantly improved information volume, resolution, and signal-to-noise ratio

Joint cable that can add the essence of "Horus," the highest peak of the augmented line


This product was developed based on the idea of breaking the taboo of increasing the number of contact points, which is a common practice in audio.
The sound will differ depending on whether it is attached to the head (pre-side) or the tail (power-side) of the basic parent cable. Connect to your current cable to improve sound quality. This is an idea device to realize a sound quality close to that of high-end Horus cables by utilizing the "end effect" of the cable, and its effect is outstanding together with the Isis joint.
This joint cable uses the "Horus" conductor, which won the 2009 Audio Excellence Award from Ongen Publishing's "Audio Accessory" magazine.
Although it is only a 20cm joint, the number of audible sounds increases, the amount of information and resolution improves, the signal-to-noise ratio improves significantly, and the sense of substance improves as well. The effect is beyond your imagination!

The idea of connecting cables has been considered negative until now due to the increase in contact points, but if you think about it, the cables between the duck, pre, and power are joints connecting different devices. The sound quality is the most important thing, but you will probably be surprised. I think it is especially suitable for those who use long balanced cables or use a lot of cables for multiple devices.
On the night of arrival, I was excited to hear the difference between the sound quality before and after connecting the cable to the power amp.
The sound spread to the left and right.
(2) The position of the instruments is more clearly identified.
(3) Sound contours become firmer.
In my opinion, the high frequency range has been clarified, but it is not noisy, and even though it is clearer, the sound spreads from left to right, and the sound is not too soft or too hard, and the density of the sound is not too thin or too dense, which gives it an exquisite tone with a taste. The low frequency range is also tighter than before, but I can clearly feel that more volume is being produced. To be honest, and with all due respect, at first I did not expect the sound to be so much to my liking just by inserting a cable of about 20 cm between the two cables. I thought the sound would change, but I was also a little worried that the sound might have strong habits. Now that I think about it, my fears were unfounded, but on the other hand, it may be that because the cable is this long, it just happened to be the right flavor for me. At this point in time, it has become quite to my liking and I will not be able to let go of it.
*The Secret Diary of the President
[Sound Impressions
In a word, it's like having a pre-installed. I had used an attenuator for a while. (I like simple systems.) I once took that attenuator into a store and had it face off against a pre, and it was similar to the impression I had at that time.
The disadvantages are that the overall sharpness is a little less, the background silence is a little less, and I feel that the amount of information is slightly less.
Advantages are that the sound has more thickness and reality, the soundstage is expanded, it is easier to listen to, and the overall balance is improved with a sense of stability.
I don't want to use too many accessories (I don't like to insert them in the signal path), and it is not a cheap purchase, so I was very hesitant but decided to purchase it. We decided to purchase this product because it covers the current weak point of our house well. I think it will be a good fit for systems that use AET or MEXCEL. However, it may not be a good fit for a system that is originally plump and mellow. I don't really understand what you mean by "dyed in augmented color", but I guess it is the augmented color, since many people's impressions are similar. I think the tone itself is a little darker, but it sounds natural to me and I don't feel uncomfortable or displeased with it.
*Wotakish (blog about fishing in Rishiri Island)
Horus joint cable
The cable I received was carefully packed and placed in a case. When I opened it, I found it. Where is it? I knew it was long, but it was really short! That was my first impression. It sits straight in the box. I went into the listening session with a calm self so as not to have excessive expectations. From the moment the sound came out, I was surprised. I was surprised at the high S/N and high resolution at first listen. The range seems to have been expanded by a factor of two. Moreover, while conveying such a large amount of spatial information, the upper and lower parts of the sound are not thinned out, but rather expressed with a solid framework. Cymbals are flying around, bass and bass drum are completely separated and clear, and guitars with effects are ultra-realistic! The sound quality is not soft or hard, but very natural. The sound quality is not soft or hard, but very natural. It is as if the recording studio appeared right in front of you. This is it!" I shouted in my heart. After changing to the current DAC with pre, the sound was dull, dry, and boring, but I just added the Horus joint cable to the end, and now this expressive power! I feel as if the performance of the equipment has jumped up many times over. However, the signal has not changed at all, and I am still wondering why? Why? Why? It's a little MONSTER! Yes, it is. This is exactly how it feels when you run it through a very high-end preamplifier. After listening, I found myself looking through the catalog that was included in the package from beginning to end. It was like a commercial comment, but it has been a long time since I have come across a product that has thrilled me. It will be an indispensable product in my home.
CD player: Esoteric UX-1 Limited
D/A Converter & Preamp: EMM Labs DCC2
Power Amplifier: mark Levinson No.332L
Speakers: JBL K2 S5800
Pre to Power: TUNAMI TERZO XX 5m used on the power side.
*President's Secret Diary
Listening system is
player: AKURATE DS
amp: McIntosh C2300, MC501 x2
speaker: B&W 802D
I connected a Horus joint cable to the Acrolink 7N-D5000 XLR connecting DS and C2300, and used it on the preamp side. When I held the Horus joint cable in my hand for the first time, I thought it was shorter than I expected. When I started to play the sound, I wondered if it would make a big difference, but my worries disappeared within seconds. The highs were transparent and very extended. This was especially noticeable on female vocals and acoustic guitar. In the mid and low range, each note became thicker and sounded as if the volume and sound pressure had increased. The sound was very clear, but without any stark edges. The change in soundstage is also noticeable, very three-dimensionally expansive and pleasing. I could not go back to the way it was without the joint cable.
*President's Secret Diary