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+Pt Short pin

Product code: Aug012-pt

Aug-Line +Pt Short pin

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Transparent feeling increases and energetic!

Affordable the performance that the amplifier has

"Each company Plimain amplifier only Aebrin + PT short pin" is a world's first high purity platinum, gold, silver, and silver blend, the world's first high-purity platinum, gold, silver, which was born as a senior material for gold and silver alloys "Origin". A high-performance pre-main amp dedicated short pin made using the "Origin + Platinum".
The connection terminal uses a large ground-shaped pipe shape, and the inner and outer surface area is used to enhance the epidermal effect and realize a surprisingly high quality sound quality.
This product is pre-output and power input with a pre-main amplifier, and the distance between the terminals is compatible with a 4mm type of product at the center center. Also, use the separate switch between the prepower, the switch is used on the separately.

Immediately after replace the short pin, he will try to replace it with this analog and sounds a CD .....

From the results, it is ¥ 21,000, which is the price of this product, but it seems that the compensation value is satisfactory.

As an impression immediately after installing, if you want to listen to the volume position of the amplifier when listening to music on the CD so far, if you want to listen to a quite a quarter volume at the 9 o'clock position of the clock, it will be less than 10 o'clock I think it feels like to raise to about. In other words, would you like to say that you like Mor Power than ever?

This Origin also writes aging (breaking time) as well as other audio assisted product products. (About 100 hours to settle it finally). I think that there is no more than 100 hours, but it seems that there is a change in sound quality and this is the sound of this product! It seems that there is no such position like a steady position like that. You may feel like it feels. However, separately for the change is that the change is to be preferable, and the [Gloss out of the sound quality of sound, the sound quality of sound] part is changed after replacement, so I felt enough for this because I was felt enough. It may be good to say that subtle changes continue as it is in that state.

*Audio Category of Secret Base (from 2008-) Large reform
The L-550AU is configured to be able to disconnect the pre and the main and can be separated. Therefore, when using as a pre-main amplifier, the short pin connects the pre-part and the main unit. As attached short pins were good to replace with good things, I was asked to replace it. We made "Origin + PT short pin" of Muto Makoto. It is a precious metal or short pin that contains platinum to gold and silver alloys. Well that sound, but if replaced, it seems that it has spread, the top, bottom, left and right range. I feel like a 10 cm circle has a circle of 30 cm. It turned out that this amplifier is the owner of considerable ability to change the sound just by replacing the short pin. If you have the same amplifier, it is recommended to replace the short pin first than replacing the cable. The attached short pin is that you do not use good things.
*Classical music and audio