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+Pt Short pin

Product code: Aug012-pt

Aug-Line +Pt Short pin

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Increased transparency and energy!

Bring out the performance of your amplifier at an affordable price.

The "Augurine+Pt Short Pin" is a high performance short pin made of "Augurine+Platinum", the world's first triple blend of high-purity platinum, gold, and silver, which was created through long-term research and development as an advanced material of the gold and silver alloy "Augurine". The world's first high purity platinum, gold, and silver triple-blended "AuGrain+Platinum" alloy.
For the connection terminal, a pipe-shaped object with a large grounding area is used to enhance the skin effect by utilizing the inner and outer surface areas, resulting in amazingly high sound quality.
This product is suitable for pre-main amplifier with RCA terminals for pre-output and power input, and the distance between terminals is 14mm at the center-center. If your product has a separate switch between pre-power and power, please use the switch on the separate side.

I will replace the short pin with this augmented line and try to play a CD. ・・・・・・・・・・

The price of this product is 21,000 yen, but I personally think that the value for money is satisfactory.

My immediate impression after installing this product is that if I had been listening to music on CD at the volume position of 9 o'clock on the clock, I would turn up the volume to just below 10 o'clock after replacing the amplifier with this pin. In other words, does it require more power than before? I guess you could say it is like that.

The manual also says that this augmentation line needs aging (break-in time) just like other audio auxiliary related products. (It takes about 100 hours to finally settle in. I don't think I've used it for 100 hours yet, but it certainly seems to change the sound quality, and I can tell that this is the sound of this product! I can see a localization of "this is the sound of this product! It may seem that the change continues for a while. However, whether the change is to my liking or not, I could feel the "transparency of sound improved and sound quality shined" after changing to this augmented line for a while, so it may be better to say that the subtle change continues in the same state.

*The audio section of the secret base (from 2008): a major reform
The L-550AII is designed so that the pre and main can be separated, making it possible to separate them. Therefore, when using it as a pre-main amplifier, the pre and main sections are connected with short pins. I had heard from various sources that the attached short pin should be replaced with a good one, so I decided to replace it. We decided to use "Augline + Pt short pin" by Muto Seisakusho. It is a precious metal that contains platinum in an alloy of gold and silver? It is a short pin made of gold and silver alloy containing platinum. I feel as if a 10cm circle became a 30cm circle. The fact that the sound can be changed like this just by replacing the short pin shows that this amp is quite a capable one. If you have an amplifier with the same system, I recommend replacing the short pins first, rather than replacing the cables and other components. The short pins that come with it mean that they are not using good ones.
*Classical Music and Audio