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MC-HD555AMC MC cartridge head amplifier

Product code: as0006-1

ASTOR MC-HD555AMC MC cartridge head amplifier

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Tube type MC head amp

Enjoy various tones by replacing the vacuum tubes

The chassis of the tube type MC head amp is mirror-finished stainless steel 2mm thick. The amplifier is manufactured by Hashimoto Denki K.K. (Yamamizu Transformer), which produces power transformers and choke coils as Astro Denshi's original products.

For the B power supply, electrolytic block capacitors with a large capacity of 2000 UF are used to supply stable voltage and current to reproduce a wide range of music from low to high frequencies in a smooth manner. By replacing the vacuum tubes with 12AX7, 12AU7, and 12AT7, various reproduction sounds can be heard.
There are two inputs, so it can be used with twin arms. There are three input impedance systems (LOW1, LOW2, and HIGH) to accommodate all cartridges.
Frequency Response 10Hz - 100kHz(-1dB)
Input impedance LOW: 2Ω (1Ω~4Ω), 4.7Ω (4Ω~9Ω) High: 10Ω(10Ω~50Ω)
Step-up Ratio HIGH: 12Ω, 1:15, 23dB LOW: 3Ω, 1:30,29dB
Channel Separation 92dB
Load impedance 47kOhms
Input/Output 2/2
Size W220 x H150 x D260mm
Weight 3.5kg