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AS-KT88VIP II Vacuum Pipe Power Amplifier

Product code: AS-KT88vip2-u

Astro AS-KT88VIP II Vacuum Pipe Power Amplifier

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Second grade Grade VIP series

Manufacturer exhibit

Astro Electronic Planning's Highest Grade VIP Series Power Amplifier. Manufacturer is guarantee. It is quite shopping!

Volumes use Seiden or Amtrance Resistive Attenuator Type 21 Contact VR and Lag Terminals use Sanhayat's gold plating type, and coupling capacitors use Amtrance Metallized PET film capacitor AMCO type . Electrolytic block capacitors constitute a stable B power supply circuit using semi-panic products made of Nichicon. All parts are carefully selected and manufactured with reliable parts.
The input terminal is a full-tech high-end rhodium plating RCA pin, the speaker terminal also uses a rhodium-plated FT with a torque limiter function with a full-tech high-end model, and AC uses INLET (R) rhodium type. .
condition For manufacturer exhibits, new ones
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