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AS-KT88SSPII Vacuum Pipe Power Amplifier

Product code: AS-KT88SP2-1

Astro AS-KT88SSPII Vacuum Pipe Power Amplifier

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Attached output tube
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This is a made-to-order product. It may take about 3 months for delivery depending on the order status. You can also choose the output tube.

Output tube is used in the driver stage.

Single power amplifier with output tube in the driver stage


The chassis of the AS-KT88sSPII is made of the same folded stainless steel 2mm thick mirror finish used in the high-end AS series, and the panel is made of 52S duralumin 10mm thick panel with an anodized finish. This robust and beautiful mirror-finished casing alone cost nearly 200,000 yen, but it is remarkably effective in anti-vibration and anti-noise measures. The heat dissipation is also very good, so even though it is a vacuum tube amplifier, there is no problem at all even after long hours of use. The insulator is also made by machining from a 40mm 52S round bar and inserting young cowhide between the insulator and the chassis, which also provides anti-vibration effect. The circuit parts are manufactured using carefully selected parts that are good for sound quality. The extremely high mounting precision of the vacuum tubes, the artistic aerial wiring that minimizes noise generated from the tube mounting area, and Astro Denshi's unique manufacturing technology have contributed greatly to the clear and transparent high sound quality without noise and turbidity, and the faithful reproduction of the original sound without any unnecessary decorations. The original sound is reproduced faithfully without any unnecessary embellishments.

The AS-KT88sSPII is characterized by the use of a 5881 tube for the second stage driver tube, instead of the commonly used 12AX7 or 12AU7 tubes that normally carry 3-4mm of current, which can carry 20-25mm of current and produce 50W in a push-pull amp. The power is further amplified. The KT88 delivers a powerful sound with high transparency and delicacy, while the 6550 delivers a clear and crisp expression with good extension in the mid and high frequencies, making it ideal for small quartets and small ensembles. The 6550 is suitable for small quartets and chamber music.
Tubes used KT88 x2, 5881 x2, 6LS7 x2, 5U4G x1
Transformer used PT300x1, H-20-7Ux2, C-1-400x1
Output UL connection 10W x 10W / 7W x 7W*.
Bias Self-bias
Frequency Response 10Hz~50kHz
Residual Noise Less than 1mmV/1W
Distortion 0.035%/1W
Input impedance 100kΩ
Speaker 4Ω, 8Ω
Size W420 x H210 x D390mm
Weight Approx. 30kg
Power source 100V/50,60Hz

*300B specification only