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AS-6SN7HDa Headphone amplifier

Product code: AS-6SN7HDa-1

ASTOR AS-6SN7HDa Headphone amplifier

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Highest quality Hashimoto transformer is used.

Astro Electronics' first headphone amplifier!

Luxury headphone amplifier using the highest quality Hashimoto transformer!
Astro Denshi Kikaku is a top-class vacuum tube amplifier manufacturing company known to those in the know, where carefully selected materials are carefully crafted one by one by skilled artisans. Its beautifully arranged vacuum tube exterior, abundant information and transparent, high-purity sound are worth a listen.

The development of the AS-6SN7HDa was conducted with headphones from AKG, Audio-Technica, and other major headphone manufacturers. It is one of the strengths of Astro Denshi Kikaku that we can adjust the resistance value in accordance with the impedance of the headphones used by the owner and deliver the product in the best condition for the order. The AS-6SN7HDa is also equipped with a speaker terminal, so it can be switched to speakers according to your mood or situation, and the impedance of the speakers can be selected. You can enjoy the high purity of tube music in a more familiar environment.
The chassis is made of strong 2mm-thick aluminum to suppress noise from vibration, and its diameter mouth further enhances heat dissipation and suppresses heat inside the chassis.
The artistically crafted wiring, vibration isolation, and top-quality Hashimoto transformer provide excellent sound reproduction with a natural extension of the low frequency range and extended high frequency range.

Tubes are self-biased and can be replaced without adjustment as long as they are of the same standard. The self-bias capacitor used by the company is an order of magnitude larger than the 200~300 micro capacitors used by most manufacturers, whereas Astro Denshi Kikaku uses an 8000 micro capacitor. This allows the sound to be expressed well even when the volume is turned down.
Tubes used 6SN7GT x2, 12AX7A x2, 12AU7A x2
Transformer used PT-95 x1, HW-15-8 x2, H1989 x1
Output/ UL connection 1.8W x 1.8W self-bias
Input Impedance 100kΩ
Frequency response 10Hz~60kHz
Compatible headphone impedance 30~700 ohms
Residual Noise Less than 1mmV
Distortion at 1W 0.45%
Size W250 x D290 x H160mm
Weight Approx. 7kg

*If not in stock, the product will be made to order. It may take 1~3 months for production to order.