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AS-6SN7HD Tube Headphone amplifier

Product code: AS-6SN7HD-1

ASTOR AS-6SN7HD Tube Headphone amplifier

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High purity and transparency

Luxurious headphone amplifier using the highest quality Hashimoto trans

Luxurious headphone amplifier using the highest quality Hashimoto transformer and ligid stainless steel chassis!
ASTOR is a skilled vacuum tube amplifier manufacturer that manufactures products using carefully selected materials.A metallic, beautiful appearance with a vacuum tube, abundant information content, and a transparent and highly pure sound are worth listening to.

AS-6SN7HD was developed using AKG, Audio-Technica, and other major headphone manufacturers to adjust the audition with headphones. ASTORcan deliver the best condition by adjusting the resistance value according to the impedance of the headphone used by the owner for the order.In addition, AS-6SN7HD has a speaker terminal, so you can easily switch to the speaker according to the mood of the day, you can also select the impedance of the speaker, you can enjoy enough as a single amplifier.

The W320 x D320mm body size, beautifully shining chrome appearance and the light of the vacuum tube filament blend into the interior, the appearance is beautiful, and you can enjoy the music of the vacuum tube with high purity and transparency closer to you.

The mirror stainless steel chassis, which has no projections on the screws and cleanly reflects the transformer and vacuum tube, is solid and heavy by bending it to a thickness of 2 mm, and shuts out vibrations and noise generated inside and outside. The vacuum tube inlet with a two-stage structure enhances vibration prevention and heat dissipation, and suppresses the heat inside the chassis for long-term stable use.
The interior using an anoxic copper plate that shines conservatively, the artistic wiring that uses a lot of single wires without waste, the foot base uses a solid bar of oxygen-free copper, sandwiching the young cow leather between the base and the bottom , Pay attention to the damping.It is a high-resolution sound without noise by installing a robust chassis with vibration suppression and the highest quality Hashimoto transformer. The natural spread of the low range and the high-quality sound of the mid-high range with high transparency and elongation make the music appreciation even more enjoyable.ASTOR adopts a self-biasing capacitor of 8000 micrometers, which is an order of magnitude higher than that of a general manufacturer using a capacitor of 200 to 300 micrometer.This allows the sound to be expressed even when the volume is reduced.

Furthermore, AS-6SN7HD is designed so that a dedicated phono equalizer amplifier can be powered and supplied from DCOUT on the back in the future.The phono equalizer with the power supply disconnected will not pick up the power supply noise and will provide a better analog disk sound.

Vacuum tubes 6SN7GT x2, 12AX7A x2, 12AU7A x2
Transformers PT-95 x1, HW-15-8 x2, H1989 x1
Output/ UL connected 1.8W x 1.8W Self bias
Input impedance 100k ohms
Frequency response 10Hz~60kHz
Applicable headphone impedance 30~700Ω
Residual noise 1mmV or less
Distortion 0.40%/1W
Dimensions W3200×D320×H170�o
Weight 約12.5kg