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AS-5881SB Power Amplifier

Product code: AS-5881sB-1

Astro AS-5881SB Power Amplifier

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Enjoy 5881 tubes

Power amplifier with volume control


High cost-performance single amplifier from a high-end tube amplifier manufacturer! The components of the amplifier are carefully selected and manufactured in the same way as the high-end models. 5881's charm is brought out in this amplifier with high driving power by UL connection.

AS-5881sB is a single-amp minority amplifier series. The chassis is made of 18-18 stainless steel material 1.6mm thick and is a low-priced product with a limited number of units. The transformers use the Hashimoto transformers that Astro Electronic Planning Inc. uses in its advanced models.
The left and right independent volume controls allow you to connect directly to CD players, smartphones, tablets, etc. without a preamplifier and enjoy the high quality sound of a vacuum tube easily.

Tubes used 5881 x2, 12AX7 x1
Transformer used Hashimoto transformer: PT-100 x1, H-1972 x2, H-1978 x1
Input impedance 100kΩ
Frequency response 10Hz~50kHz
Residual Noise Less than 1mmV/1W
Input 1 system
1 output UL connection: self-bias, 5W x 5W
Size W340 x H160 x D250mm
Power source 100V/50,60Hz
Weight Approx. 8kg