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Analog Relax
KOI-OTO -Silver- MC cartridge

Product code: AR-MCC-KOIOTO-SL1-1

Analog Relax KOI-OTO -Silver- MC cartridge

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Accessory lead
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Dense, thick, impressive deep sounds..

KOI-OTO series "Silver" model


Maple wood creates elegant resonance and is popularly used for the backboard of a violin.
Sparkling in the deepness. In KOI-OTO "silver" uses “silver wire coil”.
It is a high-end model of KOI-OTO cartridge series. It sparkles superb glossy and rich sound out that can only be played by silver wiring.
KOI-OTO "silver" is not similar sounds of the other silver wiring cartridges have, but it has thick, deep and rich..
It is a characteristic of KOI-OTO Silver that combines a sense of indescribable sound field.
The breathtaking sound of beautiful strings, the rich sound of a piano, and the breathing of female vocals.
The sound field spreads out from the speakers, you are to be upright.
Best buy item!
The housing material “solid Japanese maple” with bees-waxing finished.
The stylus tip is a special ordered “advanced grade” is elliptical stylus shape, precisely cutting along the crystal direction of square rod diamond.
It realized overwhelming resolution as well as high durability.
Impedance 20ohms
Tracking force 2.0g
Frequency response 20~25,000Hz ±2.0dB
Magnet Neodymium Multi Magnet
Coil Silver wire
Stylus Diamond ellipse (advance grade)
Cantilever Aluminum
Output voltage 0.45mV
Dimensions 32.5 x 20.0 x 17.3 mm
Weight 12g(cartridge) 24.8g(inc. headshell and wires)

GINJO Lead Wire ‘Jazz Standard’ equipped as standard

GINJO lead wire is also Analog Relax original lead wire which is lined up 10 models. The each lead wire models were researched and developed by famous lead wire specialist in Japanese analog audio market. The materials are from selected vintage wires to modern wires and soldering with selected solders for each models.

Analog Relax's quest was not for better spec, but “Dense sound.”

Most cartridges out there recently have very stereotypical specs, low impedance, line contact stylus, boron cantilever… all aiming to produce “digital-like” sound.
Then Analog Relax reached the idea of making up their own cartridge that realizes the dense, thick and pleasant sound. Long collaboration with the excellent craftsmen in Japan created this “KOI-OTO" cartridge.

Strongest magnetic power

KOI-OTO cartridges is provided Neodymium magnets that are installed multiple positions. This unique idea was coming from skilled artisan's amount of technical experiences and technology. Neodymium magnets can clearly pick even the tiniest action of the cantilever through the stylus and promptly transforms into the sound.
The powerful magnetic force pull out outstanding rich and solid sound, marking "0.45mv", strikingly high output as a MC cartridge.
Analog Relax thoroughly analyzed and investigated a generation part, a driving part, size, balance, etc..from the beginning for the stylus perfectly tracing the complex groove of a vinyl disc.
All customers surprise its rich and strong bass reproducing sound that can not imagine as a MC cartridge and this outstanding tracing performance with no failure, are coming from this development.

Carefully selected solid wood signalizes “KOI-OTO’s” unique design.

After examining all kinds of materials to make desirable rich sound, we have reached the answer to use a wood for the housing (body).
Analog Relax tried and developed several dozens of different types of wood, then they finally decided to use solid musical instruments wooden materials are more suitable for the housing to reproduce deep elegance of the sound that comes from the stylus. The craftsmen carefully hand-picked solid material, and created the special shape by delicate handwork.

Technology and affection of cartridge artisan left in Japan

It is well known that many of world high-end cartridges out there now are by the hands of Japanese artisan. They have managed the superb traditional analog technology and preserved the record culture. We got their cooperation to create this KOI-OTO , and they enjoyed the new challenge to realize “rich, thick and pleasant sound.”
The elaborately designed form brings rich and extended bass and midrange.
Analog Relax "KOI-OTO" cartridge is quiet unique philosophy and design. Once I switched from DENON DL-103 to KOI-OTO, I murmured "Wow..". The reproducing sound from KOI-OTO quiet changed. Especially KOI-OTO"Silver", the silver wiring definitely helps not only strong bass impact, but also extending top range higher. Mid-range is very very rich. It is not like ordinary high-end cartridge sound, not like delicate and nervous, but strong, rich, deep, is nothing compare.. quiet impressive and outstanding sound. The sound expresses Analog Relax philosophy.

The female vocal voice volume increased, it became more glossy and lively. The heavy kick drum was sharpen up. The tracing performance is amazing, even the if a disc is not good condition. Not like other nervous high-end cartridges, easy to set it up.