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  • Analog Relax EX3r silver wire MC cartridge
  • Analog Relax EX3r silver wire MC cartridge
  • Analog Relax EX3r silver wire MC cartridge
  • Analog Relax EX3r silver wire MC cartridge

Analog Relax
EX3r silver wire MC cartridge

Product code: AR-MCC-EX3r
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Use it for older discs

Probably the world's first round shape stylus and silver coil

There are various types of cartridge stylus tips? Ellipse stylus rather than round stylus. Line contact stylus than elliptical stylus.
Do you simply think that the better the line contact shape, the better?
As the shape of the stylus tip changes from a round shape to a line contact, the area of the stylus that contacts the “wall” of the groove in the record decreases.
Then, the amount of sound information increases, but there are also things that are lost at the same time.

It is the afterglow of the sound and the thickness of the sound.
So we decided to stick to the “round shape stylus”. The answer they arrived at was to combine a silver coil with a round shape stylus.
The birth of EX3r, probablythe world's first “round shape stylus + pure silver coil” MC cartridge.

Why is it a round shape stylus now?

It has been more than 70 years since analog discs were produced. Even if it's a very old analog disc, the best thing about analog discs is that you can reproduce the sound of that era if it's stored well.Of course, the manufacturing technology of analog discs has been improved year by year, but we are not only listening to new age records. There are scenes where you can listen to precious records from decades ago or deeply thoughtful records. If you use the latest line contact stylus cartridge in such a case, noise may be picked up too much and you may not be able to relax and listen to music. This is an unavoidable fact, as the shape of the disk groove and the quality of the press vary with the age.
New records and high-quality records will be enjoyable with the latest polished cartridges.However, if you want to listen to a record that is a little old and never let go, you should try this EX3r round shape stylus.

There is a sound that can only be emitted from a round stylus

A round shape stylus is characterized by a very large contact area with the side of the disk groove. For this reason, the biggest advantage of round stylus is that it can be reproduced richly without losing the lingering sound. Actually, there is a sound that can only be reproduced with a round stylus. For analog enthusiasts accustomed to the latest cartridges, EX3r will bring a fresh surprise.

Also for mono records

EX3r is a stereo cartridge, but it is also suitable for monaural record playback due to the good round stylus and strong output voltage (0.45mv).

The luxury of a sterling silver coil

Pure silver coil that evolves the round shape stylus cartridge.
Probably the combination of “round stylus + sterling silver coil” is the world's first MC cartridge. Because there is a recognition that round stylus is "cheap", it is not usually considered to use expensive silver wires.
However, we combined sterling silver coils to further improve the goodness of round needles.As a result, it became possible to create a more vibrant atmosphere by utilizing the reverberation of the sound of a round stylus.
The EX3r is an excellent item for the expert who has tried all cartridges and pursued the sound of records.

Solid Hard maple wood that has been aged for many years

The “solid wood body”, which is also the focus of analog relax cartridges, EX3r and EX3 use "Hard Maple" that has been laid down firmly for many years. It is widely used in musical instruments, and there is no inherent vibration such as resin or metal, and a more natural sound is obtained.

Coil Pure silver
Impedance 15ohms
Proper stylus force 2.0g
Magnet Neodymium multi magnet
Stylus tip Round shape
Cantilever Aluminum
Output voltage 0.45mv(1kHz) or more
Body Hard maple solid wood
Weight 10g
* Delivery takes about 4 weeks.
* A craftsman in Japan finishes it manually.
* Solid wood body is natural, there are individual differences in color, grain, etc.

Analog Relax EX3r silver wire MC cartridge

Regular price ¥330,000 円
Regular price ¥330,000 円 Sale price ¥330,000 円
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