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  • Analog Relax EX3 Pure Silver wire MC cartridge
  • Analog Relax EX3 Pure Silver wire MC cartridge
  • Analog Relax EX3 Pure Silver wire MC cartridge

Analog Relax
EX3 Pure Silver wire MC cartridge

Product code: AR-MCC-EX3
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Reproduce music in a tasteful way

For you who want strength and delicacy

I like analog, I like records, I want to hear good sounds, and I have done so many things.
The same goes for cartridge selection.
Even if you choose a cartridge for strength, you want a little more sound resolution and wide range ...
So even if you search for a more delicate sound and choose a different cartridge, you still want a little more analog power and thickness ...
Balance strength and delicacy.
Is it just selfish to seek this conflicting element?
That's not true.
This “EX3 cartridge” was developed for such a person.

The secret of strength

Power generation unit inherited from EX1.
Since its launch, the EX1 cartridge has been loved by analog enthusiasts despite its high price.
It was developed based on the power generation part of this “EX1” that produces the superb sound and creates strength.
The output is 0.45mv, and the original strength and taste of analog are extracted.

A multi-layered neodymium magnet that is also a feature of analog relax cartridges, a powerful multi-neodymium magnet unlike any other.
By generating a strong magnetic force that is not found in other companies' products, it is possible to catch the movement of the coil and generate power efficiently.

Secret of delicacy

Reproduce the breath of the performer and reproduce the gloss and atmosphere.
Uses pure silver as the coil wire material. Exquisitely reproduces the gloss of vocals, live instruments, and the atmosphere of an orchestra.

The “solid wood body”, which is also the focus of analog relax cartridges, EX3 and EX3r use "Hard Maple" that has been laid down firmly for many years. It is widely used in musical instruments, and there is no inherent vibration such as resin or metal, and a more natural sound is obtained.
Coil Pure silver
Impedance 15ohms
Proper stylus force 2.0g
Magnet Neodymium multi magnet
Stylus Prismatic ellipse stylus
Cantilever Aluminum
Output voltage 0.45mv(1kHz) or more
Body Hard maple solid wood
Weight 10g
* A craftsman in Japan finishes it manually.
* Solid wood body is natural, there are individual differences in color, grain, etc.
The 45-rotation direct cut disc is extremely smooth. Excellent edge sharpness.And from the foreground to the background, the imaging ability is extremely high from large amplitude to small amplitude.Moreover, the sound image has a feeling of being the atmosphere that stands in the voidwith a real feeling.It has a refreshing feeling like silver winding, and the freshness of the rubbing sound of the voice and the three-dimensional extensibility of the echo of the hall are also attractive.
Considering only the use of aluminum cantilevers, sterling silver coils, and wooden bodies, it is easy to imagine a soft tone with a low center of gravity, but there is no such place in the cartridge.In Baroque, there is a glossy feel in the high range.The bass output, such as the contrabass, has a gentle flow without tension.The piano does not emphasize the outline of the touch, but rather sounds more gentle.Forte doesn't overemphasize, but the thickness of the line comes out on its own.The orchestra draws Tutti's Forte powerfully, but the soft sound of the woodwind instrument calms down quietly.

Analog Relax EX3 Pure Silver wire MC cartridge

Regular price ¥330,000 円
Regular price ¥330,000 円 Sale price ¥330,000 円
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