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"Ginjo Lead" Ginjo lead vocal Standard

Product code: AR-LW-VS1
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Lead wire that pulls vocals

I love vocals! VOCAL model

The middle range (especially female vocal) comes out a little. If you can with gloss, "Kasaku" "Breathe".
I love vocals! I want to draw out "gloss" and "warmth" of women vocals, especially. I want to listen to the sound that can be relaxed.
Entry model from the attached lead. The most delicious part of the music "China" is carefully sounded. In addition, the sound pressure of low band is improved, so you can enjoy the sound without losing weight.
wire Domestic special crystal annealing OFC
Soldered material K. O. Sound Lab Gold Nikkas 101
Chip Domestic gold plating phosphor bronze
As I was written when I replace the lead wire, I was vocals. I think it is a lead wire that is very suitable for listening to vocals than the lead wire of Zonotone used until now. I have just purchased and the dandon sound is wonderful. I also heard the sound of piano pedals and heard. It turned out that it was clearly recorded with echo when we applied the stereo board of Julie London. Dandon Women's vocals wanted to listen, and more than 10 years ago, I listened to the album called Nakamori Akina Bitter Bitter Bit in Junk Products. I was surprised at the bass. It is hard to listen to the low sound of the record in the record. I often listen to Ikuro Kanae The voice of the analogue has become a dark analogue. I also heard the voice vocal voice of the two-piece duet album of the imported board of Barbra Strisand.
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Analog Relax "Ginjo Lead" Ginjo lead vocal Standard

Regular price ¥5,500 円
Regular price ¥5,500 円 Sale price ¥5,500 円
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