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"Ginjo Lead" Ginjo Lead Wire Vocal Advance

Product code: AR-LW-VA1
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Lead wire that extremely vocals

I love vocals! VOCAL model

Anyway, I love vocals! I want to listen to the sound that can be relaxed.

The middle range (especially female vocal) comes out a little. If you can with gloss, "Kasaku" "Breathe".
A high-end model that thoroughly sounds a listening machine. Since sound pressure is improved over the entire band, each instrument will be able to listen to each instrument comfortably.
wire 1920s USA Cotton Thin Green File AWG28 Single Wire Diameter 0.32mm
Soldered material 1940-50al RemaSta Selection P (Pure) ver
Chip Domestic gold plating phosphor bronze

  • Johoni Mitchell's Live Market has been in realistically in the concert's air. The spectators' applause and voice are also natural. Next I listened to Janis Ian. Back performance and chorus can be heard to be better than ever. It is a really nice lead. Standard has a difference of three-fold price, but it should be purchased even if it is impossible! There is a difference by the genre, but the vocal fan should be absolutely purchased.

  • I was very good to listen to jazz standard, so I bought vocal advanced by this time.

    Honestly, is it okay to issue 16,000 yen to the lead wire, but this is also great! This is also great! The first impression of exchanging jazz standards with vocal advanced is quiet! The feeling of sound up is experienced in the exchange of amps and phonoko, but for the first time with the lead. And I was surprised at the high-density sound with a fruitfulness. Especially the low band is from such thin lines?

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Analog Relax "Ginjo Lead" Ginjo Lead Wire Vocal Advance

Regular price ¥16,500 円
Regular price ¥16,500 円 Sale price ¥16,500 円
Sale Sold out
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