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Analog Relax "ginjo lead" ginjo lead wire VOCAL advance

Product code: AR-LW-VA1

Analog Relax "ginjo lead" ginjo lead wire VOCAL advance

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Lead Wire for Vocal Mastery

VOCAL models for vocalists!

I just love vocal music! I want to bring out the "luster" and "warmth" of female vocals in particular. I want to listen to relaxing sound.

I want the mid-range (especially female vocals) to come out a little forward. I would like to hear the "blurriness" and "breathing" if possible, as well as the glossy sound.


A high-end model that makes your favorite recordings sound thoroughly and pleasantly. The sound pressure is increased over the entire bandwidth and the resolution is improved so that each instrument can be heard with a good feeling.
Wire material 1920's U.S.A. Cotton light green yarn, awg28, single wire, diameter 0.32mm
Solder material 1940s-50s Remasta selection P(pure)ver
Chip Japanese gold plated phosphor bronze
*Color of coating is subject to change without notice.
Can we create an environment where a wide range of record fans can listen to records comfortably and enjoyably without spending a lot of money?

Analog Relax focused on "lead wires," which have the power to greatly improve sound quality, and developed "Ginjo Reed" as a product that meets the demands of record fans.

Thorough "polishing" of wire materials and "strangeness" of material selection

GINJO Reed" is produced by thorough "polishing" technology.
Various polishing techniques are used according to the wire material used, soldered, and finished to the desired sound.
The name "Ginjo reed" was inspired by the image of ginjo-shu, a Japanese sake made by polishing "rice" to achieve a supreme taste.
It brings out the "flavor" of the record.
We carefully select wire materials according to the music you want to listen to, from vintage cables as typified by western cables to cutting-edge materials that are currently the talk of the town. We also search the world over for the best solder, both old and new, and use only the best.
This is a gem of a product that has been thoroughly adjusted based on the sound of the recordings being played, without relying on the brand name or numerical value of the material.
This is a recommendation by an audio critic that "even if you don't use the latest materials, you can still open up a wonderful world with shell leads. This is a product of such perfection.

Collaboration with KS-Remasta, a shell lead wire master

Ginjo Reed" was produced in collaboration with Mr. Karasawa, the representative of KS-Remasta, a company that has been developing shell leads for over a decade and is well known among core audiophiles and has been featured in many magazines.

Easy-to-select product lineup

With Ginjo reeds, you can select the optimal reed wire by simply choosing from 5 music categories (JAZZ, Piano Trio, VOCAL, ROCK, and POPS) and 2 grades.
We think you will get closer to the sound you like if you select the category of music you usually listen to as your main focus.

    • The live Joni Mitchell recording conveys the atmosphere of a concert more realistically than ever before. The audience's applause and voices are natural. Next, I listened to Giannis Ian. The backing music and chorus can be heard more clearly than ever. It really is a great lead line. Although the price is three times higher than the standard, you should buy the advanced version even if you have to! It depends on the genre, but if you are a vocal fan, you should definitely buy it.

    • I listened to the Jazz Standard and enjoyed it so much that I took the plunge and bought the Vocal Advance this time.
      To be honest, I wondered if I should pay 16,000 yen for a lead wire. But it's great! My first impression after replacing the Jazz Standard with the Vocal Advance was how quiet it was! I have experienced the feeling of a sound rising from a silent space when replacing an amplifier or phono, but this was the first time for me with lead wires. I was also surprised by the high-density sound that was packed with substance. Especially in the low frequency range, it was so powerful that I wondered why it was coming from such a thin wire. I was surprised at how powerful the low frequency sound was.

*Analog relax blog