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Analog Relax
"Ginjo Lead" Ginjo Lead Line Rock Standard

Product code: AR-LW-RS1

Analog Relax "Ginjo Lead" Ginjo Lead Line Rock Standard

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Enjoy Rock's deaviation

I like rock! Rock model

I want to draw bass bass, bass bass, and I want to feel the bass even at the time of small noise. Before the vocals come out before. Roughness and sound pressure.
I would like to feel the low-hearted bass that is the best of ROCK. On top of that, I want to listen to the voyage of the guitar and the power of the vocals. I also want to listen to funks and HIPHOP. To such a person!
Entry model from the attached lead. The most delicious part of the music "China" is carefully sounded. In addition, the sound pressure of low band is improved, so you can enjoy the sound without losing weight.
wire 1940-60's WESTERN ELECTRIC Black Emel & Silk Coating AWG22 Single Wire Diameter 0.51mm
Soldered material 1960-70s US Gardner Purple
Chip Domestic gold plating phosphor bronze
Rock Standard is just a middle-aged rock sound (laughs). The feeling of fulfilling the density of the middle area is the same, but it was a sense of sinking and dynamic feeling than jazz standards, and the music was pushed forward with a sense of pushing forward, and the music was enjoyed good! The vocals were a little husky with a feeling of Zara. Depending on the audio system, the sound may feel tight.
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