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Analog Relax
"ginjo lead" Ginjo lead with JAZZ lead

Product code: AR-LW-JS1

Analog Relax "ginjo lead" Ginjo lead with JAZZ lead

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Enjoy jazz with lead wire

I like jazz! Jazz model

An image that the middle range (such as saxophone etc.) and the low range (wood base) are flying with a mass. The rhythm comes out of "Gatsun", which may not be a wide range. Sense of rough feeling + sense of rhythm. I want to exceed SPU!
I want to have a sense of massing and a feeling of blurry like a blue notebook, and I would like to have fun with Horn Ensemble of West Coast Jazz. It is recommended for such people.
Entry model from the attached lead. The most delicious part of the music "China" is carefully sounded. In addition, the sound pressure of low band is improved, so you can enjoy the sound without losing weight.
wire 1940-60's WESTERN ELECTRIC Black Emel & Silk Coating AWG22 single wire diameter 0.64mm (color of coating may change without notice)
Soldered material 1940-50s USA Black Dutch Boy
Chip Domestic gold plating phosphor bronze
The conductor is a vintage material of Western, but the old odor and the like are rather fresh and it sounds like a new material. Voice or musical instrument is unique to a lively real feeling. It is strange. The performance that has been fitted in the previous frame is that it comes out of the frame and comes out one by one, and there is a sense of coming out in front of you, and the sense of reality is impressive. . Vocals seem to be soba and it is real.
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It is an adult sound that the jazz standard is calm.
Goodness of removal, very satisfied with the feeling of goodness of the middle tone area.
I really like the feeling of relaxing jazz standard.
The cartridge is ZYX R100, lead wire is YR-01 of Yamamoto acoustic. This was replaced with Jazz standard. There was no significant change in balance, but the localization was improved and I felt improved three-dimensional feeling.

Overall it is calm but there is a sense of movement. In the cartridge, it is an impression like V15-Type4. Well, I'm glad that the vocals that had been with Casa have become smooth and the street was better. Thanks to the product of the jazz orientation, I have a lot of vocal things such as Adel and Bonney Lat. Speaking of greed, it is the best if you have a low-pass sinking at this sound. I'm worried about the advanced model ...
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