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"daiginjo lead/Premium" Shell lead

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High-end lead wires made by craftsmen

Your cartridge starts playing the different dimension sound

daiginjo lead/Premium is further improved from daiginjo lead.
The feature of "daiginjo/premium" is that sound overflows from silence, sound glow and sound pressure increase in whole range, it is magical lead wire which will be exhiliarated in any music genre. A transfiguration that will have a question with "This is the sound of a cartridge that I have always listened to?"
Incredible resolution, each instrument in full orchestra can be easily recognizes, super wide range feel like eternal extend.
Guitar, violin, wood base, etc.. feel realistic vibrations of those strings..
Breathtaking lively vocal voice..
Feel the supreme lead wire!

Wire 1920-1940's vintage wire/ single 0.2mm
Solder KS-Remasta selected 1940-50's vintage RVK
Chip Domestic gold-plated phosphor copper
*The color of the coating may change without notice.

Why is wire polishing important?

Most wire rods are intended for purposes such as insulation and antioxidant, hence some kind of "coating" is covered on the surface of wires.
In particular, vintage wires are generally coated with "enamel" firmly. So when producing shell lead wire, it is important "polishing and removing" the coating of the wire at the portion where the terminal (chip) is joined by solder. Even if it does not remove the coating layer, it sounds anyway. However, the reproducing sound is a a world of difference.

What is different about daiginjo Lead's polish?

Selected vintage wire is sharpened and polished up until mirror finishing with secret technics of famous lead-wire craftsman "KS-Remasta" in Japan.
The more wire is sharpened it up, the more the sound improves freshness and purity. The combination with polished lead wires and selected vintage solder alloy can produce incredible sound.
"Sharping a blade" is very important as much as "polishing wire". It spent tremendous time for pursuing to "Sharp blade" which the lead-wire craftsman uses to sharpening the wires. By pursuing the sharpening of the blade, "freshness", "purity" ,etc. of the reproduction sound improves briskly.
Finally the blade was pocess 1 rough sharpening, 3 mid-sharpening, 2 finish sharpening, 1 super finish sharpening, 1 mirror finish sharpening, total 8 stage sharping!
Very particular about "sharpening a blade", Mirror surface processing by polishing skill of the surface of the wire to the limit, then ideally control the solder alloy layer gives "daiginjo lead".
This process allows to produce "daiginjo lead/Premium" only one set per a day.

The sound of each instrument is clearer, harmony can be listened each instrument are fully detailed without overlapping. I was surprised for the real sense of the cymbal. The atmosphere of live hall transmitted clearly, good reverberation and echoes in the sound. Sound likes broken musical instrument became normal sound, I wanted to raise the volume of the amplifier further more.

Analog Relax "daiginjo lead/Premium" Shell lead

Regular price ¥55,000 円
Regular price ¥55,000 円 Sale price ¥55,000 円
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