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Analog Relax Anti-Static Brush for Hardware

Product code: AR-ASAB1

Analog Relax Anti-Static Brush for Hardware

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Audio equipment is constantly affected by static electricity...

This product effectively removes static electricity charged on audio equipment and entangles the dust that has built up.

This is the world's first static eliminating brush specially designed for audio equipment. 0.03mm diameter ultra-fine "static eliminating" fibers are made extremely soft by Kumano brush craftsmen.
Dust is attracted by static electricity charged on audio equipment.
As you know, audio equipment uses electricity and has moving parts such as tone arms, turntables, and CD trays. Therefore, audio equipment is constantly generating static electricity and is destined to be charged. Not only does static dust accumulate, but it also causes audio equipment to not perform at its full potential, resulting in a phenomenon in which you continue to listen to the audio equipment with a reduced quality of sound.

Analog Relax Anti-Static Brush for Hard" effectively removes static by entangling the dust with the microscopic bumps on the fiber surface.

Each brush is carefully finished by hand by craftsmen of "Kumano Brush," a world-renowned manufacturer of high-end cosmetic brushes. These custom-made brushes have an ultimate soft finish that can be recognized when you touch them, and will not damage your valuable audio equipment. The unique processing to increase the surface area of the fibers at the tip of the bristles and the ultra-fine static eliminating fiber "Core-Brid TM B" are designed to be safe with low conductivity.