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HIDIZS AP80 Portable High Resolution Music Player Stainless Steel Edition

Product code: ap80-stain

HIDIZS AP80 Portable High Resolution Music Player Stainless Steel Edition

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Supports MQA audio technology

MQA is a British technology that offers an original master recording sound. Master MQA files are completely authenticated and small enough to stream or download.

MQA (Master quality authentication)

The HIDIZS AP80 Pro contains MQA technology, playing MQA audio files and streams to provide the original master recording sound.

E -book reader

The AP80 enriches your music life with the eBooks function. It is fun to read e -books while listening to trucks.

Simple touch screen operation

The AP80 comes with a compact and sophisticated Samsung 2.45 inch (480x360) IPS HD full display. Simply swipe the screen with your fingertips allows you to control all beats and rhythm with your fingertips.

Pedometer function

Count the number of steps with a pedometer and live a healthy life with music.

Support FM radio and deliver the world to your ears

The newly added FM radio function, AP80, not only enjoy your favorite songs, but also enjoy radio broadcasting around the world. With AP80, you can connect with the world.

ESS ES9218P Decode Chip

The AP80 adopts the decoded chip ES9218P developed by Apple's chip supplier ESS, has a low power function and his 114DB high dynamic range, and supports the maximum PCM 384Hz / 32bit.

APTX Loseless Transmission Wireless Protocol provides low -delay, low -bit error rate, and high sound quality when transmitting audio signals. This is an important feature of professional audio players. The AP80 also supports both APTX protocols as well as two -way Bluetooth 4.0 and AAC transmission, and can be used as Bluetooth audio output and professional Bluetooth decoding amplifiers. Sony LDAC supports the 24bit/96kHz format, and the transmission speed is three times faster than the SBC Bluetooth protocol. (Note: The APTX function of the AP80 can only be realized when the Bluetooth device is supported by the aptX).

Delicate and elegant control knob design

The AP80 uses an original Japan ALPS Alpine Control Knob with a gold -plated line on the diamond texture and surface. The control knob is not only a power control but also a volume control, making it easy to operate. A stylish and fashionable design with a mechanical feeling to AP80.

USB DAC supports bidirectional transmission

The AP80 is not only available as a digital turntable audio source output device for connecting a USB decoder to a DAC input. You can also connect to your mobile phone and supply power as an external decoding amplifier, and immediately change your mobile phone or tablet into a professional audio device. (Compatible with mobile phones with Windows, Mac OS, OTG function)

Stylish clock display

His AP80, a glossy colorful body, is the best music player that emphasizes your personality.

Excellent runtime

With 30 days deep standby and 15 hours of runtime, you can enjoy music and radio broadcasting at any time.

Hardware configuration Master chip Ingenic X1000
DAC chip ES9218P
RM radio 4705
Pedometer sensor KX126
screen Samsung 2.45 inch display, 480x360 HD IPS touch screen
Housing material Aluminum alloy CNC integration
Rear cover material Three -dimensional glass
Volume knob Japanese Alps
Play button Three physical buttons: playback/pause, previous song, next song
Storage card Micro SD (TF card)
Maximum storage capacity 1T
operating system Hiby music High Bai OS 3.0
Transmission function bluetooth Supports Bluetooth 4.0, bidirectional Bluetooth, apt-X, Bluetooth AAC transmission
USB port Supports Type-C ports, two-way USB DAC
Temperature control system Compatible with Hiby Link (you need to install Hiby App on your mobile phone or tablet)
USB audio (DAC) DSD support DSD 64/128
PCM support 384kHz/32 bits
Output option Single -end headphone output Independent 3.5mm stereo port
Headphones with microphone compatibility
Power system Charging interface Type-C interface, Type-C dedicated cable
Power adapter DC5V/2A
Battery and battery life 800mAh 3.8V Lithium polymer battery 15 hours runtime
(Depending on the use case), 30 days deep standby (depending on the use case)
Regeneration function Gain settings High and low options
Digital chopper 8
Unique MSEB mixer 10
S/PDIF DOP Support (USB audio + local)
Current equalizer 8EQ effect + customized EQ settings
Play mode Playback / Random playback / 1 song is repeat / playlist over the entire playlist
System function System reset Rest with a long play power button
Upgrade of firmware Update firmware via TF card (FAT32 file system TF only)
Memory card slot TF Card Slot (Micro SD card)
Data transmission Type C -USB 2.0

Performance specifications

Single -end headphone output Rated output power 70MW+70MW@32
Frequency response 20-40kHz
Complete high wave distortion + noise 0.003%(1kHz)
Dynamic range 116dB
Signal vs ratio ratio 120dB
resolution 70db (1kHz, weighted, rated output)
Output impedance <1
Recommended earphone resistance range 8-150 (recommended)
charging time One hour
runtime 8 to 10 hours or more
Color option Aluminum alloy (black, ash, blue, red, purple)
Product weight
(Aluminum version)
Approximately 70g
Product weight
(Stainless steel version)
Approximately 97g
Package List Type-C cable, silicon protection case,
Type -C -Micro USB cable, user manual, screen protector