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interconnected XLR cable

Product code: AGxlr-1

Aug-Line interconnected XLR cable

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Clear, fresh, and resilient.

High-performance interconnect cable made with gold and silver alloys

The overall impression of the AuGrain interconnect cable is fresh, bouncy, clear, and fresh. Although one might have preconceived notions of precious metal alloys, these cables have a completely plain feel.
Augurine Interconnect Cable XLR is a high-performance balanced interconnect cable made of Augurine, an alloy of gold and silver.
PTFE, which has the best properties among Teflon, is used for the insulation material, which has a great impact on sound quality, and PTFE Teflon is also used for the outer jacket.
The twisted pair non-shielded construction provides a wide bandwidth and amazing dynamic range that is a world apart from ordinary coaxial cables.

The twisted pair structure cancels out noise from each other's signals, ensuring a sufficient signal-to-noise ratio even without shielding.
The RCA plugs used in these cables are a new product from Wire World that uses the same silver alloy as the wire material.

The ground wire, which is the hidden key point of balanced cables, is thicker than the signal wire, as is standard in cable production, and the same conductor is used as the signal wire.