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+Pt 2core shield cable

Product code: AG+pt-1

Aug-Line +Pt 2core shield cable

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High performance cable

Cable of the same performance as interconnect

It is a short-selling signal cable of the similer performance as the completed cable with plug of Aug-line. Although all Aug-Line interconnected cables are manufactured by hand, this product has been able to significantly reduce the manufacturing cost by manufacturing it in lots by machine. The conductor uses the same precious metal material as the their other cables.

Use only the highest quality audio materials

The signal line uses the company's high purity precious metal alloy Augline + Pt, and Teflon is used for insulation. Ithas taken all possible noise measures by adopting the double shield of the wheel shield and mesh wire shield. The diameter is as thin as 4mm and flexible, and the conductor uses a 2-core shield, so high performance cables can be manufactured simply by attaching plugs such as RCA, XLR, and phono cables. In addition, it is cable which is also most suitable for internal wiring of apparatus.

Aug-Line +Pt has massive sharpness which is difficult to obtain with other cable group. Analogous middle range depth gives increasingvocal presenceand improving the appeal power of the singer.