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+Pt 2core shield cable

Product code: AG+pt-1

Aug-Line +Pt 2core shield cable

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Good quality at a greatly reduced cost.

Cable equivalent to interconnected

This is a cut-to-size signal cable with the same performance as the complete cables with plugs from Augline. While all Interconnected cables (with plugs) are manufactured by hand, this product is manufactured in lots by machine, which allows us to significantly reduce manufacturing costs. The conductors are exactly the same as those used in the company's other products.

Triple blend of high-purity platinum, gold, and silver, the highest grade of materials used exclusively in audio products.

The signal line is made of AuGrain's signature high-purity precious metal alloy AuGrain + Pt, and Teflon is used for insulation. Wheel shield and mesh wire shield are used for double shielding to provide complete noise suppression. The outer diameter is thin and flexible at approximately 4mm, and the conductor is 2-core shielded, so a high performance cable can be made simply by attaching a plug such as RCA, XLR, or phono cable. These cables are also ideal for internal wiring of equipment.

Compared to the standard Augurine RCA, the Augurine +Pt has a more robust and sharp sound that is hard to obtain with other cables, and the depth of the analog midrange is increased compared to the standard model Augurine RCA, enhancing the presence of vocals and the singer's appeal.