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Solid Aug-Line
"Pipe shield" RCA cable pair

Product code: AG-pipe-rca-XLR-se-1

Solid Aug-Line "Pipe shield" RCA cable pair

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Amazingly high sound quality by pipe shielding

Remarkable signal-to-noise ratio, surprisingly quiet and dynamic range

Solid O-Grain "Pipe Shield" RCA Interconnect Cable SpecialEdition uses a pipe shield construction, which is said to be the ideal shield. Compared to ordinary braided wire shields or foil shields, it is remarkably quieter and has a higher dynamic range, ensuring an astonishing signal-to-noise ratio. In addition, an extra shield made of braided wires is applied outside the shield, and to prevent the extra shield from adversely affecting the sound quality, a special capacitor is connected between the cold of both terminals.
The improved signal-to-noise ratio due to the shielding effect produces a deep and quiet background. And the high dimensionally balanced mid and high frequencies are extended and the low frequencies are thick, perfectly balancing power and volume.

For the conductor, we use an optimal balance of AuGrain, an alloy of gold and silver, and AuGrain+Pt, the world's first advanced material that is a triple blend of high-purity platinum, gold, and silver. The shield pipe is also made of Aug Alloy. Pipe shielded conductors have been almost never used in practical applications because they are difficult to handle and break easily after repeated bending, but Augline has succeeded in commercializing them by taking advantage of the flexibility of the aug alloy.
PTFE, which has the most excellent properties among Teflon, is used for the insulation material, which has a great impact on sound quality, and PTFE Teflon is also used for the outer jacket.

Pipe shielded 4-core coaxial structure is adopted. The straight quad structure is ideal for signal cables, and the conductor area of the cable has been doubled, resulting in a richer mid-low range and thicker sound. The balanced plug used for the cable is made of the same silver alloy as the wire material and is manufactured by Deltron in the UK.
The pipe-shielded RCA cables seem to have aged well, and the sparkling high frequencies have been suppressed, resulting in a very good balance with depth. Here is a brief summary of my impressions.
Listening Impressions
1) Amount of information:
Very good SN and a lot of spatial information. As a result, the localization of instruments and
sound has a good sense of spaciousness.
2) Sound Range:
Wide bandwidth, no strong tonal quirks. Slightly brighter (good sound through
sound.) sound.
3) Localization:
Good reproduction of a sense of depth, the sound field is within the left and right loudspeakers, and a sense of density is
high density.
4) Others:
Overall smoothness and unique luster. The sound is rich in resonance, sound texture, and
and descriptive power of sound.
The impression of sound pressure and attack is a little subdued.
I would give it a dry rating..." but I found no flaws in it. I can't find any flaw in the sound quality of the Aug+Pt, and the high resolution is outstanding. The sound is graceful and monitor-like, which I like, but I dare say that some people may want a rougher(?) sound. I dare say that some people may want a rougher(?) sound. It is a cable that I cannot let go of as a reference cable. As a side note, the other day someone said that it would be better if the cymbals sounded a little more like cymbals, but I personally felt that the sound was more realistic after aging had progressed.