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Solid Oregain
"Pipe Shield" RCA Cable SE

Product code: AG-pipe-rca-RCA-se-1

Solid Oregain "Pipe Shield" RCA Cable SE

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High-quality sound of wonder by pipe shield

Astonishing SN ratio, amazing quietness and dynamic range

Solid Org line "pipe shield" RCA interconnect cable SpecialEdition (Special Edition) has adopted a pipe shield structure, which is said to ideal of the shield. Compared to the usual braided shield and foil shield, it has a surprisingly quiet and dynamic range, has secured a tremendous SN ratio. Further subjected to extra shield by external to the braided shield, in order to extra shield to prevent that give adverse effect on the sound quality, you have to connect through a special condenser between the two terminals cold.

Gold and a silver alloy "Org line" to the conductor, has been used in the world's first high-purity platinum, gold, silver and triple blended senior material "Org line + Pt" the optimal balance. In addition, we use the Org alloy to shield pipe. The conductor of the "pipe shield" structure, on maneuverability is bad, there is a problem such as would break as soon as bent repeatedly, but was not the most practical use, in the Org line the flexibility of "Org alloy" and we have succeeded in commercialization by leveraging.
The insulating material a significant impact on the sound quality using a PTFE having the most excellent characteristics in Teflon, uses the same PTFE Teflon to an external jacket.

Adopting a pipe shield 4-core coaxial structure. Adopts a straight quad structure of ideal as a signal cable, by which the conductor area of ​​the cable is increased to 2 times, we realized the sound of low and thickness in richer.
RCA plug to be used in the cable adopts the wire world's products using the same silver alloy as the wire, we have retrofit to the newly fabricated pin in Org + Pt the hot pin.

The shielding effect improvement of the SN ratio is a deep quiet background, high-dimensionally balanced mid-high-dimensional, and the low range is thick, and the power and quantity are well balanced on perfect.
Pipe shielded RCA cable is also like after completion of aging, is holding also felt that the sparkling of the high-frequency, now very good balance and deep. So, it is easy, but I tried to summarize the impressions.
Listen impressions
1) the amount of information:
Well is very SN, spatial information in many cases. As a result, the localization of musical instruments,
Good spaciousness of the sound.
2) range:
The band is wide, there is no strong character to the sound. When the slightly lighter (missing good
Sound to be represented?).
3) localization:
Sense of depth reproduction good, the sound field is in the right and left speakers, the density feeling
4) Others:
There is an overall smooth and unique gloss. Texture of the sound is rich and sound,
Depiction force to be higher.
Sound pressure sensitivity, sense of attack is somewhat conservative impression.
It was your words of outspoken of the evaluation ... and, this, such as you do not see is a drawback. The height of the resolution met with Aug + Pt is the impression that is by far the group. There is a grace, and is my favorite monitor-like sound, dare by people speaking might be some people that want more wild (?) Feel. It became a cable that can not be parted as well as a reference. As an aside, the other day in the impressions of the direction of others, the sound of a little more cymbals may Upon exiting ish cymbals, there was talk of the effect, such as, I felt that it is realistic sound from the advanced aging as me personally .