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  • Yamamoto Sound Craft A-014 Input volume with 300B single-tero amplifier
  • Yamamoto Sound Craft A-014 Input volume with 300B single-tero amplifier
  • Yamamoto Sound Craft A-014 Input volume with 300B single-tero amplifier
  • Yamamoto Sound Craft A-014 Input volume with 300B single-tero amplifier

Yamamoto Sound Craft
A-014 Input volume with 300B single-tero amplifier

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300B single dynamism

I want to enjoy the sound of 300B vacuum tube more easily!

A-014 is a single stereo power amplifier with an input volume that adopts a high 300B output tube. You can directly connect the CD player and sound the speaker with great sound. The basic circuit adopts a self coupling method of Cr coupling using a Pentagon tube to the voltage amplifier. In the amplification part, the negative feedback is utilized, and the natural sound field is obtained by making use of the characteristic of the basic characteristic without the no feedback method.
The power supply transformer, output transformer, and chalk Coyle are each of the highest quality hive type cut core transformer and earcore core transformer. The output transformer adopts an output transformer of a teflon insulation using a 0.1mm thick cut cut core. In addition, the output transformer has a 16 ohm terminal except for 8 ohms, and it fits to a 16 ohm speaker such as Vintage Altec 604e. The output transformer that greatly affects the sound quality is the structure which does not close to the advanced model a-09s. Moreover, the power transformer prevents the interference by making the high voltage circuit and 300B heater winding separate.
A DC ignition circuit with a low impedance Schottky diode is employed in the output tube portion of a-014. It is possible to replace almost all 300B type vacuum tubes. 300B, it is advantageous for the sound quality of 300B because it adopts both wave rectification method in the part that supplies the heater voltage of the vacuum tube. The inverter has a High Performance Schottky diode in the United States. The ham balancer is also omitted.

A-014 the driver stage of the amplifier adopts a 5-pole tube c3m made by a high performance, reliable vacuum tube Siemens, which has been developed for the telephone line in Germany. The development age is the latter half of the vacuum tube in 1962, so it has various electrical characteristics, and the feature is very beautiful. This vacuum tube is enclosed in a metal case as a conduit tube, but we remove the case and use it as a glass tube. This made sound quality even more natural. This vacuum tube has a design life of over 1000 hours. Because of the beautiful appearance and long life of the mesh plate, the replacement time of the tube is very long. We have achieved excellent stability and low distortion by stabilizing the screen grid voltage in
A-014 the driver stage of the amplifier is isolated from the output circuit, rectified by a diode of high performance silicon fast softer transistor, and adopted a constant voltage circuit using the MOS FET, and constitutes a dedicated power supply circuit. Another circuit approach prevents driver stages from being affected by output circuits and provides clearer sound.
This machine is made of high rigidity chassis made of gold 2 steel thick steel. By combining the plywood made of cherry wood into the shape of the front panel and the combination of the front panel and the combination cover, the original and attractive appearance was realized. The high strength but soft appearance will be able to enjoy the pleasure of using.

The meter of this machine adopts a new type of meter that can switch between 300B of output stage and plate voltage of driver stage. The output stage behavior, of course, can also be confirmed by driver steps. The life of the vacuum tube can be confirmed immediately. You can immediately determine which part causes the abnormal operation of the amplifier.
The resistance used in the a-014 is made by Dale Corporation. The sound quality is superior to that of the same class in Japan. The reliability is also very high for parts made according to the American mill standard.
In addition, the polypropylene capacitor is used for the capacitor, and the difference of the sound quality in this condenser greatly affects not only the signal circuit but also the power supply circuit. The improvement of the sound quality is measured by adopting the polypropylene type of the main part including the power supply circuit. The internal wiring does not use the printed circuit board, and uses the 3mm thick bakelite board to fix and wire the parts. This improves the mounting strength of parts and improves reliability. This bakelite board is fixed directly to steel Shashi, and parts and vacuum tubes are also fixed tightly. When the mounting strength of parts increases, the effect of vibration is reduced, leading to improvement of sound quality.

The input terminal of this machine adopts the original pin of the company that adopted the Teflon as an insulating material by adopting the chrome pin cutting terminal to the external conductor, and the pin of the inside pin cut out of the front bronze cut out of the outside pin. The output terminal is brass sharpened, and the high quality terminal of teflon insulation is plated with gold plating. This allows you to connect the speaker cable up to 4 o o.
Format 300B single stereo power amplifier with input volume
Vacuum tube 300B x 2 (standard specification is 300B vacuum tube sold separately), c3m X2, 5u 4G x 1 output tube
Maximum output 8W + 8W
Frequency characteristics 15 Hz ~ 22 kHz
Residual noise 0.8 MV
Input impedance 100 K
Size 500 (W) 294 (d) 208 (H) mm
Weight 16.2
S / N is a tone which is not felt as if it is cloudy, but the outline is clear and the skeleton is very strong. It is very rare that there is no blinding and ambiguity. The piano is full of transparency from the bottom up to the top, and there is no hard place, and it is rich, and it is cloudy, and it is clear, and the focus is clear. The vocals are rich in expression, full of live feelings, never too much, and expression is very rich. Jazz is more than imaginative, and it is a dynamism not considered 300B single. There is no wood base, and the pitch is deep. The Sax is sticky and glossy impression. The orchestra is fresh and quick, and the contrast of strength is strong. Since the purity is high, any sound of the musical instrument is lively and rich. Rare finish with clear, strong, freshness.

Yamamoto Sound Craft A-014 Input volume with 300B single-tero amplifier

Regular price ¥495,000 円
Regular price ¥495,000 円 Sale price ¥495,000 円
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