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Yamamoto Sound Craft A-08S Balloon "Nas Type 45" Single Stereo Amplifier

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Yamamoto Sound Craft A-08S Balloon "Nas Type 45" Single Stereo Amplifier

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Sound quality as good as that of a high-end 300B amplifier

The "45, 245" sound, which has an established reputation as a good-sounding vacuum tube, has been pursued to the utmost limit.


The definitive "45, 245" amplifier that further improves on the highly acclaimed A-08
The A-08, the predecessor of the A-08S, has been highly acclaimed since its release and received the SOTA award from the U.S. Internet audio magazine 6moons, and was highly praised among tube single amplifier enthusiasts.
The A-08S Balloon has a small output, but its sound quality is as good as the best 300B amplifiers. We have designed this amplifier to be combined with high efficiency speakers to obtain the best sound quality. In order to take advantage of the performance and sound quality of this amplifier, we recommend the use of high-efficiency speakers. In addition, the use of Nas-type output tubes such as 245 and 345 will give a more natural and generous sound. The rectifier tubes are also of the eggplant type, such as "280, 380," etc. These tubes have a heater that can be hooked up to the speaker. These tubes have a structure in which the heater is hooked, and the sound is very natural and gentle to the ear.

All transformers use high-beam type cut-core transformers with excellent performance, which, in combination with Teflon insulating paper, produce an excellent sound with little distortion.
The power transformer, output transformer, and choke coil of this unit all use high-bee type cut-core transformers with excellent regulation. The A-08S Balloon uses the same transformer as the high-end models to enhance the sound quality. In particular, the output transformer uses a custom-made 100 micron thick Orient core material wound with Teflon insulation paper to improve frequency response.

Resistors are made by DALE for good sound quality, and polypyrene film capacitors, Teflon sockets, and other best components are used for capacitors
Most of the resistors used in this unit are made by DALE of the U.S.A. The sound quality of DALE resistors is so superior that it cannot be compared with that of Japanese-made resistors of the same class. In addition, polypropylene film capacitors with excellent sound quality are used for the capacitors. For the input terminals, phosphor bronze machined pin jacks are used, and for the output terminals, large terminals are machined from pure copper and gold plated with Teflon insulation. Each of these components is also sold individually, and both are highly regarded as top-quality components. The speaker terminals are 8-ohm output terminals only, but there is no problem using 4-ohm or 16-ohm speakers. However, in both cases, the maximum output power will be reduced; a maximum output of 8W will be reduced to about 4-6W.

Equipped with an output tube ammeter to constantly check the condition of the valuable output tubes.
The A-08S Baloon is equipped with an ammeter that directly reads the output tube current. This makes it very convenient to know when it is time to replace the tubes. When the current value reaches 65-70% of the specified value, it is time to replace the tube.

Type 45 Single Stereo Power Amplifier
Tubes used 2 Nas 45 (U.S. vintage), 2 717A, 1 Nas 80 all included as standard
Maximum output 2W+2W
Frequency Response 18Hz~30kHz(at 1W output)
Input impedance 200kΩ
Size 400(W)294(D)204(H)mm
Weight 14.3kg